Tri-County Prophetic Roundtable - Tulare CA
I hear "PICKING UP THE PIECES" and I believe that's the season we're in.  And what I see is a scene after a bomb has went off and there's a sense of confusion, loss and looking around to see who's alive, who needs help and who is gone.  I see a man who is picking up fragments of different things off of the ground and analyzing whether he has enough to move forward.  And for the leaders that are hearing His voice, I don't get a sense of sadness & quitting.  What I sense is obedience and an acceptance & willingness to do whatever the Lord would have them do in the next season.  So, it's Father God who set the bomb off.  It was needed.  And what I'm hearing is - clean slate - fresh marching orders - and new assignments.  And I see the hand of God reach down and pick up the wounded but still kicking . . and He shakes the dust and debris off and places new hats on their heads.  And for some this will mean new titles, positions or functions.
I'm also hearing "THIS AIN'T NO PARTY".  And what I see is a fresh revelation of the awe and serious nature of the work that lies ahead.  And those that were looking for a party atmosphere are going to get a wake up call.
I'm also hearing "Prayer IS the revival". . as opposed to "Praying FOR the revival".   And I'm reminded of the prayer meetings we had after returning from the Brownsville Revival.  All we wanted to do was have prayer meetings.  We didn't care as much for the church meetings because the prayer meetings were where God showed up.  I see a returning to this.
And I hear that the visions He has given us will materialize.  We need to focus on the matter at hand and if it looks different than we envisioned, recognize that it is a season and be willing to pour everything we have into it, even though it appears to be moving in a different direction.
And I feel that God is pleased.  But I also sense a shifting in the house churches and home meetings.  And He isn't going to continue to bless in this season where He blessed in the past concerning the leaders who have built communities upon the need to "escape" the Church at large.  He will be exposing heart issues and motivations that don't line up with His heart.
I'm also hearing . . JUST LET GO.  I feel like God is saying . . those that you exhausted yourself trying to prop up and strengthen to run with you were not meant to run with you.  They were with you for a season.  But He's sending reinforcements.  He's sending leaders that will not only stand shoulder to shoulder, but will be of such spiritual stature and strength, they will pull you up to a new level.
And I see a regional "connecting of the dots".  Leaders from different cities and counties will be coming together and working together on teams as closely as if they were in the same church.  Travel time will be required.