Tuesday, December 27, 2016

SIP Tonight: Vicki Blair

We will begin holding prayer nights at our house in Terra Bella on the nights that we don't have meetings at the Veteran's Bldg in Porterville (1st & 3rd Tuesdays). SIP started over 3 1/2 years ago and we have continued to press in, declaring God's agenda for this region - including all of the churches and pastors in Porterville. This is now open to men and women. Hope to see you tonight!  Light refreshments will be provided.

Vicki Blair

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

RenPort Tonight! by Vicki Blair

I hope you'll join us tonight!   Let's end the year well by gathering together for our last meeting in 2016 to worship Jesus and love and minister to one another as we set our focus on the coming year and what God has in store for us! 


Don't miss "The Art of Hearing God" with John Thomas at Renaissance in Bakersfield February 2-4.  The cost is only $75 (half of what is normally charged for this conference anywhere else).  I will be driving from Terra Bella to Bakersfield for the meetings.  I may have a seat or 2 open.  And as always - if you want to go but finances are an issue, let me know.  I want to pray and work with you to make it happen!  Let's all try to make it!  The Valley needs this if we are going to go to the next level!

Go here to register:

Blessings & hope to see you tonight!  If I don't - have a blessed Christmas!


Saturday, December 17, 2016

IMMANUEL by Doug MacCallum

Hi Suzanne. Hope and pray all is well with your soul. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year. Thanks for all your hard work for The Kingdom. Maranatha!!
Please post this when you can.
In His Love,
Word received 12/16/16 while driving home from Canada.
The long awaited Time is upon you, for good or for evil. It all depends which side of Me you are on. I cannot wait any longer. The stench of the World's sin has reached My Nostrils and the cries of My Beloved to My Ears. I have pleaded with all flesh to turn to Me that they may endure what I'm about to unleash. The Dogs of War are coming to the Earth. Those that are Mine know this is part of My Plan but for those outside of Me it will be a surprise and a Time of great terror. Many will still reject Me in that hour, even as they face death and Eternity. But others will awake to My wooing of their spirits, the spirits I have formed in every person, and will cry to Me and surrender to Me. Many a prodigal will come back to Me at this Time. For those parents and loved ones, of My Flock, who have been praying for these wayward sheep, will see the fruit of their prayers and be reunited with them.
Remember My Flock, some of you will physically die in the upcoming turmoil. Remember! Those that die in the Natural will be joined with Me for Eternity, so purpose in your hearts how you shall conduct yourselves at any Time. My Peace does not change from circumstances. My Peace is as The River of Life that flows continually from My Throne. Stay in the flow of My Peace and you shall endure anything I allow to come upon you.
Separate yourselves from anything that holds you to this World. Be not like Lot's wife, who foolishly turned back to Sodom! Lay this natural life completely on My Altar that I may consume it with My Holy Fire. All that is consumed of this natural life shall be replaced with the Life of My Spirit which is Eternal.
I AM about to reveal My Bride, Immanuel, to this darkened World. Just as I did in the fullness of Time, so I will in these last hours of Earth. My Logos, My Plan, shall be unveiled, just as a Bride is, to the World and all the principalities and powers of the air. I have been mocked long enough! I will vindicate My Great Name to all Creation, both the physical and the spiritual.
Remember My Beloved, you are My Warrior Bride, as terrible as a great army with banners! Behave yourselves as My Soldiers and endure through Me the hardships that are falling on the Earth. Those that trust and obey Me will I work My Great Works through that will destroy the works of the wicked one. Continue to look to your Spirit Armor and make sure every piece of It is firmly on you and in your hearts. This will be My Show and not yours. Keep yourselves humble before Me and I will do mighty exploits through you!
At this Time on the Earth, as My People reflect on the birth of My Dear Son, I want you to also understand what else is about to happen.
The birth of My Manchild is about to take place! Even now, the so called "churches" all over the World, are working out My Great Plan! Many, who have been rejected and thrown out of these places, are actually part of My Birthing Process of the Manchild! These ones' have been hidden away in so-called caves and backs' of deserts, being fitted and fashioned for My Purposes. These precious jewels have endured, through Me, the ridicule and rejection of the so-called "church". But, through this, as also My Beloved Son, have enabled My Spirit, My Nature, My Power, to transform them. The Great Birth and Unveiling of My True Called Ones is about to take place and, as did My Son, will stop the mouths of the wicked and their god on the Earth and for Eternity.
Be strong and of good courage My Chosen. For Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the World! You will go forward in My Mighty Power and many will say in that hour, "God is truly with us."


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Street Ministry Tonight

We're meeting at 5:30 tonight! Some will not come into our churches . . we need to take Jesus to them! :D That's why He's IN US! We're just the vehicle. Send us Lord! Let me know if you plan to join us.



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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Needy Food Pantry

The needy food pantry is sure needing restocking.  Especially this time of year.

God Bless You All

Kim Clement: Prophetic Alert - Trump Prophecy

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bizarre dust and rain cloud forms a barrier between ISIS and Israel on the Syrian border

Syrian border between ISIS and Israel sees dust and rain cloud barrier

\A huge cloud of dust and rain blew up along the border between Israel and ISIS last week, sparking online claims that it was a biblical storm. Eyewitnesses said the storm seemed to stop at the boundary and be unable to enter the Golan Heights, which tower above the rest of Syria and are occupied by Israeli troops. A video on Facebook shows the soldiers staring at wonderment at the strange phenomenon (pictured).

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Come out to the Veteran's Bldg in Porterville tonight! Take a break from your busy Christmas shopping and just enjoy the presence of God and encounter His goodness! Pastor Tony, founder of Renaissance Intl., & our apostolic covering, will be releasing fresh fire through a message - Come Holy Spirit! 

Tony's bio:
With a heart of mercy and justice, Tony and his wife Jessica served ministries, organizations and government sectors mobilizing, training & addressing the hardest to serve populations and social justice causes and issues for 10 years before moving into full time “ministry.” Tony & Jessica, both spiritual children of Che Ahn at HRock Church is Pasadena, planted Renaissance Int’l in 2009, with an apostolic call to train, equip & release the church to fulfill their destiny to transform every aspect of society with Kingdom Culture. They have a passion to see our generation raised up to advance the Kingdom of God to all the nations. Tony travels through the US and Asia encouraging and equipping the body of Christ to fulfill its destiny to walk in the supernatural through intimacy & identity in Jesus. They have three children & live in Bakersfield, California.
website: www.irenaissance.org

We're also excited to welcome Sal Garcia to lead worship. God is on the move!


Vicki Blair

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rick Joyner - The Restoration Of All Things

  Emilie Leal interviews author Michael Fickess about his most recent book, “The Restoration of All Things."

Watch Now

Tues. Night.

I hope you'll come out Tuesday night!   Pastory Tony will be releasing fresh fire through the message "Come Holy Spirit"! Come and be refreshed! Please share!

Also - Registration is now open for "The Art of Hearing God" taught by John E. Thomas at Renaissance in Bakersfield on Feb. 2-4.

For more information and to register, click here:

Thursday, November 24, 2016

In Everything Give Thanks…Even When it’s Hard by Nathan Leal

By Nathan Leal

“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”
1 Thessalonians 5:18

I know it’s not always easy. And sometimes it’s just plain difficult. But the Bible tells us to give thanks in all things.
For the happy things, it is easy to give thanks: a new job, a new house, a new baby, a new relationship. For these things, thankfulness flows off the tongue like a spring rain.
It’s also easy to give thanks when we are rescued from a dilemma like an unpaid bill, or receiving a good report about our health. But what about the hard things? What about the issues of life that keep us awake at night?
  • What about the loss of a job?
  • What about the dreaded report that our health is not so good?
  • What about the midnight phone call that changes everything?
  • What about that pain in our body that doesn’t want to go away?
  • What about hearing that the answer to our prayers is, “no?”… or “not yet?”
What then?
Have you been there folks? If you’ve lived long enough you have.
I have. I am there right now. I’m asking God to heal this old body of lupus.
… I’m still waiting.
It can be trying at times. The mind wants to do so much. But the body resists. No problem, instead of swinging the hammer, I’ll just pray. Unfortunately, before you know it, the day is gone. And things still need to get done.
… But the Bible says, “In everything give thanks….”
So I do. I thank the Lord for my family. I thank Him for my wife. I thank Him that my children are healthy. I thank Him for the roof over my head.
… And I thank Him for another day of letting me stay; and letting me continue the work. I thank Him for letting me be on the team. “God, if you can use this old vessel, please do. And thanks for considering it.”
My oldest son, Brennan picked up a hammer and finished a little building project for my wife and I. He built a little shed that the baby lambs could sleep in. For that, I give thanks. Thank you Lord, that You gave me a son to help us around the house. I also thank You that he is serving You.
I also thank the Lord that my younger son is serving God. He is sixteen. Healthy. And he just got his driver’s license. So I am thanking the Lord for protecting him when he’s on the road. Lord, thank you for protecting my son when he drives in the snow. Thank you for surrounding him with Your angels. And I thank you Lord, that He is serving You and wants to be a preacher someday.
My youngest child is ten. Hannah. My little girl. She is a precious gift to my wife and I, and she showed up in my wife’s tummy just a few months after the miscarriage.
….the miscarriage.
I remember when it happened. I remember wondering why.
…Why God?
My wife wept. I wept. We didn’t understand. But we prayed anyway. God, I don’t know why this happened, but You do and we are going to trust You. So thank you for the comfort during this time of grief.
Before it happened, I never knew that a miscarriage could cause so much pain. I remember hearing other couples talk about it. But I didn’t understand. After all, they didn’t get a chance to know the baby. So I did not understand how painful it was.
Then it happened to us…With a lot of tears.
Tears on the pillow while trying to fall asleep. Tears on the way to work. Tears at work. Donna and I had been trying to have another child for six years. He came for a little while, but it was not to be. It was a short hello. And then he was gone.
We named him Tristan. In the Latin, it means, “sorrow.” And Tristan’s short time with us ended in sorrow. Only God knows why it happened.
…But we thanked Him anyway.
That was in 2005.
Two months later, a miracle happened. God placed Hannah inside of Donna. Tears of grief turned into tears of joy.
…So we thanked Him.
We thanked Him that He gave us four children. One of them is in Heaven waiting for us.
…What a day that will be…
So my friends, I understand that while we are here, it can be rough sometimes.
Sometimes we are sad.
Sometimes the pain doesn’t want to go away.
And sometimes … Our loved ones go away; causing us to ask, “why?”
…”God, why did this happen?” Most of the time, He doesn’t give us the answer.
But He does tell us one thing – We should give thanks…in everything.
As His children, we gotta do this… even when it’s hard. And even though it can be difficult, we gotta do it by faith.
… By faith, my friend.
In the natural it makes no sense. The natural mind would say, “why be thankful when everything is a mess?”
But there is a reason. When we give thanks to God, especially during trials, it shows that we are trusting Him. Thanking Him is our testimony that no matter what, we believe He’s going to see us through.
…Giving thanks during difficulty reveals faith. And my friend, faith gets God’s attention.
So in this season of Thanksgiving, I know it’s easy to give thanks for the good things, but I want to encourage those of you out there who are in the midst of trial and possibly heartache.
Give thanks to God my friend. Thank Him for salvation. Thank Him for His unspeakable Gift, for our resurrected Lord Jesus. Our Messiah. Our Savior.
– Thank Him for His provision.
– Thank Him for the future provision that is on its way.
– Thank Him for the strength that He has given you to hold you up during your hour of need.
– Thank Him for the years that He has already given to you.
– Thank Him for your family.
– For your loved ones.
And the time that He has allowed you to be with them, and their time with you….because we never know when our time will come.
Make memories this Thanksgiving my friends. Because we don’t know how many thanksgivings we have left.
Hug your wife. Hug your children.
Hug your friends. And thank the Lord for them.
In everything give thanks. This is indeed a good thing.
May you be blessed this Thanksgiving holiday.
Nathan Leal
Watchman’s Cry

webpage link for this article: http://watchmanscry.com/?p=6274

Word of the Lord for December 2016 by Phyllis Ford

Word of the Lord for December 2016
by Phyllis Ford
Arlington, Texas

The Significance of the month of Kislev
As we enter into the season of Kislev, I believe the Lord wants to encourage us and even stretch us to cross over into deeper realms of faith. The Lord began to speak to me concerning several things.

Kislev is the 9th month and symbolizes a time of trust and security. It reflects a time to draw near to that which we trust and rely upon. So it is only natural to ask, “With whom and Where does our trust lie?”. We ask this so that as we stand as believers the principles upon which we will stand will have a meaningful effect. So the Lev in the word Kislev carries an emphasis of the “Heart.” The other word is security which balances upon the thought of obtaining favor from the place of your security. It has also been a time where conflicts were resolved or escalated based upon the base or the under-current that was present beneath situations that arose in that season.

Lev also means loving with a full heart. It is the rainy season in Israel, a type of cleansing even a time of travail and in birthing the realm of the spirit. The tribe of Benjamin is highly associated with this season. This month will bring to surface or give birth to that which is hidden in God, in man’s hearts, and in one’s convictions. Too much is being done and said with the absence of love, and the fruit of what’s really in the hearts of people will only continue to come to the surface.

The Lord said something to me which I feel spoke volumes. “If my people’s life is governed by my instructions, teachings, and commandments; then these attributes will yield more righteousness. Even more passion for me and with that the willingness to rise up and fight for the manifestation of my will in the earth.”

Prophetic Insights
I believe we must consider several things that are before us. Standing in this place in time we will be faced with opportunities and challenges. This will be a time where we can see a maximum yield spiritually that opens up greater opportunities, because of the price that was paid in the midst of overcoming difficulties further challenges us and changes us. It will even cause us to step out and stretch ourselves in ways that will define areas of growth and maturity in our lives. These opportunities as we face them can unveil great moments that could shape us and open doors that we have not previously seen.

Become First Responders to the Lord’s Clarion call. As an army of prayer warriors it will challenge us to cross over and step beyond what we are looking at and instead create new avenues and expand our areas of growth by doing great exploits. Not carrying a mindset of observation by sitting back to see what we will see or what we will be on a day to day basis. This cross over is an entry way to walking into a new level in faith by accepting the new challenges that can greatly affect our future from a local stand point. As we deal with the very things that will stand in our way, hinder our progress, and even try to sabotage our growth potential as well as kingdom expansion.

The reason we must take a good look at this, is because as we walk over into the January 1st we end upon the last day of Hanukkah. Walking through great light and revelation that will be unveiled to us so that we can see our situations from a different place as it is presented to us in 2017. As we stand at the door of 2017, the 17 stands for victory over adversity. I believe it will be the challenge to stand before obstacles and opposition in fervent prayer with strength and impetus that could catapult us in the face of conflicts and uncertainty.

We sometimes find ourselves not riding the next wave of what could potentially take us into becoming what we have been called to be. By finding ourselves laying back we are taking a pass to stepping beyond where we are to become who we have been called to be.  The Lord gave me this analogy of firemen in the station working on day to day activities. The firemen keep the efficiency of the place where they are checking and rechecking equipment without waiting until the fire. The diligence put in to what they do becomes what will continue to improve who they are and what they are capable to accomplishing.

Our First Response is the order of the day. The Lord showed me that we need the mindset not to question will there be a fire that day, but to be prepared for the fire and put it out quickly and efficiently. For us to be good, faithful, and efficient in what we do so that when conflict arises we have the skill, the proper tools, and a heart to do great exploits. So that we as people of prayer and principle knowing and understanding the word of truth can go forth and do our due diligence.

We must operate as the army of God in a responsible manner. As first responders to be able to answer the call to rise up and become part of the solution to the conflicts for this hour. Not as if we willed it or wanted it, but to respond to quell those things that will try to keep us from being people of God. The earth is in travail. The question is, "Will we rise to the call as the Body of Christ; through fervent prayer making a stand against the principalities within our nation?"

When fire arises as First Responders we go to save the house. The building and all that are in it and as many as we can or as many who will allows us to help. Why? Because that is our goal. To make sure that none perish. Saving as many as we can even those who started the fire knowing that God will see to their punishment in manners that change their lives instead of destroying it. We are the solution, but are we willing to move out of our place of spectating to be who we’ve been called to be?

We are the army of God. Prayer warriors with many battles before us to fight. Discern the type of fight I speak of, because these victories will be won in the place of prayer. The greatest battle we will fight will be on our knees. Praying not out of what we think or feel, but according to the will of God, the word of God, and the heart of God.

Being prepared means, we need to examine ourselves and take a serious look as to who we are. We must inspect and make the proper adjustments so that the Lord himself will strengthen and add more virtue to us. Yesterday I spoke to a friend who is a real first responder. He is a firemen and someone who loves the Lord with all His heart. We talked about the adjustments that were being made in natural, but more so in the spirit. He confirmed to me the diligence and dedication of what he lives and stands for, then in the midst of the conversation. I heard something that confirmed so strongly what the Lord had spoken. He made a reference to what His commander was saying. He said, “Make sure you have your cold weather bag!” Well, that did it for me I could hear the Lord say, “Will my people carry the right garments for the season?”. Will our robes of righteousness and truth be carried with us?  Will we take off the spirit of heaviness and put on the garments of praise as we attend to the work of the Lord? Will we wear integrity in the hour so that we may pass over into open doors and receive divine favor?”.

Our answer will be it was the Lord whose grace and mercy has given us the victory in Him. Our challenges will not end there, but if we rise up there will be things that we will be able to avert. Answer the call of the Lord. He is waiting for you to respond. Meet Him in the place of prayer and there He will equip you and take you to the place where you are now prepared.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Sad News of Kim's Passing

It is with deep sadness that we share the news that our beloved Kim has died and passed into Glory, and is now in the presence of his Lord, his best friend, Jesus. Kim was recently hospitalized with pneumonia and complications due to his diseased lungs, and his body was just too weak to combat the illness. The support and love that you have shown to Jane and the family throughout this 16-month journey has been crucial to them having the strength to withstand the fight. We are so very grateful, and we appreciate your continued prayers for the family as they face the upcoming days. Our hearts are broken, but we cannot mention his passing without honoring and celebrating the amazing life that Kim lived. His life and ministry were a testament to the love of Christ, imparting hope to everyone who heard his voice, and continuously stretching out his hand of generosity to those hurting and in need. Kim fought a good fight, finished the race, kept the faith, and is now embracing his exceedingly great reward in Heaven.   
Plans and details for a Celebration of Life service will be posted soon. Thank you for standing with Kim, Jane, their family, and all of us here at the House of Destiny. We love and cherish each and every one of you, and together we will carry the vision.

Monday, November 21, 2016

What Are You Going To Do? by Pam Clark

What are you going to do for the Lord in 2017? Making plans?
The fact that you choose to make plans with God is very good and very important! It is really one of the first steps in navigating with Him. Some wait for something to "happen" to them, and some see goals and hear directives, or choose specifically to offer themselves to Him.
It is not a passive thing, because the passive often gets bypassed! You have to consider your soil. Is it hard ground, rocky, or is it fallow and prepared or being prepared? Every step is important.
More often that not, God does not send specific prophetic words to those who are not preparing. And usually those prophetic words confirm something already going on and encourage and boost the determination level for greater fruit and reaping.
I think most would say that friendship with God is a very strong place and all real friendships have give and take (or receiving). Two people will have different wills, where one person will have one will. Is God conforming to you, or you to Him? Hey, no insult there, this is something that needs to be reasoned in your soul.
Not everyone is called to ministry, but those who are will have more challenging pressures, because your words and actions have to help, carry and love on and minister to others. But ministers cannot live without the support of others, so in God's eyes, there is an equality.
We ALL need and enjoy what others supply and contribute to the world. We need to quit separating the "clergy-laity" (the doctrine of the Nicolaitans that Jesus hated) and be of one heart and mind. God is not letting non-"clergy" off the hook! If you want in on the blessings, we each must do our parts and give honor to whom honor is due, and some honor is helping others to get it right so they won't miss their blessings!
Some people are called and don't even know they are called because they have never experienced the Presence in a way that invites them in to discover their God given spiritual gifts. But some when experiencing that Presence will realize what it is that they need to do to contribute to the world. God has pleasure in that, and often honors them.
So what is it that God wants you to do, or what is it from a heart of gratitude or love is it that you would want to do for Him? If you know Him, you become aware of His Heart!
There are many rascals in the world expressing themselves because they have not experienced the Presence of Life, so flesh is manifesting big time. It is up to us to change the world and make a difference and that desire will cause you to seek His wisdom in how to do it.
So if you have something real in your heart that you want to do, God will take that and help you to get on the right path for your life. Sometimes you have to break through thick walls! but that is okay.
On the other side is the beautiful blessing of His Love. Start Planning! 2017 is the Year of Victory!

"HOOVER DAM" by Sherry Edwards Mackey

In prayer I saw the Hoover Dam and the Lord prompted me to go back into archives from back in 1998 to release some words that need to be heard NOW and written and prayed over diligently. This is the second time I have received this warning. This is very serious as the Lord has revealed to me that the Hoover Dam is one of the targets of terrorist that would have catastrophic effects.
I have no access to terrorist, neither do I know any. I received this directly from the HOLY SPIRIT after fasting and prayer.
I will relate some historical data so you will understand better. It is my hope that we all pray! I know that judgment comes on a nation who forgets him.  However, as we pray and obey, God can forgive and he can change things and relent.
Intercessors/warriors as you read this realize, we have received intelligence from the Holy Spirit. God will reveal things of the enemy plans in the Kings bed chamber. We have received a reprieve in our nation, and God has given America another chance. It is up to the church, especially the intercessors to break through into the heavens and wage war with the demons sent against this nation. Please heed this warning, pray and intercede and for this nation. As the church goes, will be how the nation goes! May we pray urgently! This prophecy was originally written July 18, 1998 by Sherry Edwards Mackey.
;July 18, 1998: The spirit of avenging had been trying to cloud the revelations, but now I feel this is the time to reveal them.
There will be historical data mixed into this article that the Lord prompted me to give. 

I saw an angel with a horn in flight and I heard "Herald."  I saw a microscope that I believe means, microscopic revealing. Looking down from up above, I saw the color midnight blue, then I saw a huge dam in-between two mountains. I then heard "Hoover dam." 
Personally I never heard or seen Hoover dam or read about it at that time. I did some research and found some interesting information on it.  The pictures of it were exactly what I saw in the vision.
At first, I was above looking down at the reservoir of water from above, and the shadows of the mountains made the water look midnight blue.  Further into the vision I was standing at the bottom of river, looking up and it was massive in height and size.
The Lord had me look up some information on the dam. 
The dam is near Boulder city Nevada very close to Las Vegas and Arizona.  The dam was built during the Great Depression in Black Canyon during adverse conditions. Thousands of men and their families came to Black Canyon to "tame" the Colorado River. It took almost five years to complete. The American Society of Civil Engineers call this dam "One of Americas seven modern Civil Engineering Wonders." 
Authorized purposes for this dam are, 1: Flood control,  2:  Improvement of navigation and regulation of the Colorado River  3:  Storage and delivery of Colorado River waters for reclamation of public lands and other beneficial uses exclusive within the USA.  4: Hydroelectric power production. 
There are 2 spillways on each side of the canyon.  To the north of the dam is Lake Mead, which has enough water to cover Connecticut, ten feet deep. 
One of the amazing sights at Hoover dam is the winged figures which stand guard on each side of the flag.   The artist gave them the look of eagles. The artist called them “The winged figures of the Republic. The artist was a Norwegian born naturalized American. 
The upward thrust of the eagles wings and the powerful arms, are a symbolic gesture of the readiness for defense of our institutions and a reminder that our spiritual eagles are ever ready to be on the wing.  The creator of these figures said, “They express the immutable calm of intellectual resolution, and the enormous power of trained physical strength, equally enthroned in placid triumph of scientific accomplishment." 
Hears what the Sovereign Lord says,
Who can harness the winds and make them obey?  Who can harness the waters and make them obey?  A dam is a barrier to prevent the flow of water.  I say prepare My people that have been made ready for flood control! When the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord shall raise up a standard against him. I have been tempering some of you in the back side of barren lands. A people who will release the flow when I say.”
Rivers are arteries that bring life to a land and the Lord wants the waters and lands reclaimed for His Glory. 
The power that is harnessed by hydroelectric generators brings much light, heat and other energy sources to a land.  The dam harnesses the power of the river to create energy for positive purposes. 
Produced power creates much light that covers a greater area.  Above the dam is a great reservoir and below is a river that moves through the land all the way to the Pacific ocean. 
Prophesy interpretation:
I believe above the dam speaks of the magnitude of power God wants to release, but at the current time, He can only release a trickle as represented by the river beneath.  The spillways speak of our overflow from our Spiritual Union with Christ, that adds to the river beneath to be carried on to others.
The winged eagle figures speak of the keepers of the gates and the calm resolution of Trust in God and of the power of trained Godly strength as they are humbly submitted in triumph of Gods accomplishments.
The dam was named after Herbert Hoover the 31st president of the United States.  He was considered by many a scapegoat of the Great Depression and all that seemed wrong with America. 
The Colorado River is one of the most important water systems in the United States.  Draining
watersheds from seven western states, it is divided into two major districts, the Upper Basin comprised of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico, and the Lower Basin formed by Nevada, Arizona, and California.  With its headwaters in Colorado and its mouth flowing into the Gulf of California, this river serves as a focal point for both prehistoric and historic events in the west.

I believe there is something very prophetic to future events about this river and dam.  Let us continue to watch this river and dam prayerfully.
Prophetic meaning:
I believe lean times are coming.. I've seen drought, famine, fires, storms etc.  "We"  the true church like the Hoover dam, will have the ability like Joseph's storehouse to release provision in every area.  The key is the unifying work of the Spirit. 
If something ever happened to the Hoover dam, or if the Colorado River was to ever dry up, the ramifications would be catastrophic.  Could it ever happen?  God is one who holds the winds and the waters.  He holds the keys of every gateway. 
His promise of provision is for the righteous and those who love His Word.
Even in famine the Lord provided for Elijah at the brook Cherith.   But when the brook dried up, the Lord sent him to a widow woman and God multiplied the offering of food to where the oil never ran out and the jar of meal did not fail, all the time the famine raged.  They ate many days.  I believe we must remember to sow now and to continue to build up the Storehouse in heaven.  For if we haven't sown in good times, how are we going to sow in bad times.  
***See Jer.50:1-46 and Jer.51:1-64
***See References
In HIS Grace and Mercy,

Sherry Edwards Mackey

Friday, November 18, 2016

Prophetic Word by Debra Lowe

For anyone who truly loves someone, they provide, and I have provided all things for you.  I know that some times, especially in dark times in your life it seems as if I have forgotten My provision for you but I pre-planned a good day for you, there is good plan for you.  So no matter what this day looks like, no matter what day you are facing, says the Spirit of grace and mercy, I have already made a good plan for you.  So you can always hold your head up, you can always dance in the rain, for you can always know that your Father hovers over you with great goodness and mercy.  And My blessings, my tokens and my favor, they surround you as unto a shield.  There is nothing, no good thing that I will withhold from you.  Everything I have given unto you, I turned it over to your hand says the Spirit of grace and mercy.  I have given all that My Son holds in his hand, I have given to you.  This is how much I love you and respect your right and your privilege to choose Me, I will not force you to do My will for you, neither will I make you choose My purpose for you.  So I say, turn your affection and your attention towards Me and upon Me like never before.  For the great things that are coming upon this earth will have two faces.  There will be the faces of evil and the faces of your Father, if you choose My way, you will see My good in everything says the Lord, even in those things that are evil.  For you will look and see what a good Father I am in the midst of those evil times that I am a great provider, you will know I Am turning all things around for you.  I have supernaturally made a way of escape for you says the Lord.  There is nothing that will catch you off guard because nothing catches Me off guard.  So stand sure knowing that I Am your Father and I am a loving Daddy, I am a faithful Father and My love for you endures throughout the ages.  
     There is nothing, nothing that you said and or have done in the past, even those things that were hurtful towards Me, I knew your heart says the Lord and I waited, I will forgive and restore our right relationship.  I waited for the turn around because I knew says the Lord, that the time that I had planned for you would come and you would not turn away from Me, but you would run to Me.  So now I rejoice says the Father even as seen in My word, as the father who gave everything to His son, who then turned around and squandered it all upon the world and the lust of his flesh, yet I waited.  The prodigal turned his heart back toward the father, repented, and was welcomed back home.  I say to you I Am waiting, waiting for the return of that great love that I put in your heart by My precious Spirit.  I know that you will love Me with an everlasting and enduring love because that is the kind of love that I have given you.  Stand sure knowing that I will not stop, I will not quit and you will not stop and you will not quit, for I have sured you up, made you stable by My Spirit.  As long as you yield yourself to My Spirit there is no stopping you and there is no end for you but only good things are ahead for My children.  So get ready and open your hands, it does not matter what is going on in the world or the things that are coming to the world.  This is the time that My children shall rejoice in the harvest of their God.  This is our time says the Lord, that the day that Joseph spoke of, "what you meant for my harm, God meant for my good",  this is that time says the Lord.  My children will experience and see the mercies of God poured out lavishly upon them.  So rejoice says the Lord, this is not the time to hold your head down because of the heaviness of the world, but this is the time to dance in the rain to rejoice even in the midst of circumstances, even they are working for your good.  I the Lord your God, I Am dancing even now, for I have the enemy in scorn and derision, I have laughed at his plans, his snares, and the devices that he used, they are being turned on his camp. 
     "As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present outcome, that many people would be kept alive [as they are this day]." (Gen. 50:20)
     "Then shall the virgin rejoice in the dance, both young men and old together: for I will turn their mourning into joy, and will comfort them, and make them rejoice from their sorrow." (Jer. 31:13)
     "For the LORD God is a sun and shield unto us; the LORD will give grace and glory; he will not withhold good from those that walk uprightly." (Ps. 84:11)

Pastor D.


Jesus is a friend to sinners.
A Pharisee looks upon others and says how can they be like that; I’m not like that.
They feel that they are so clean that they don’t want to associate with those that could make them “dirty”.
Jesus loved everyone no matter what they were involved with. Yes, if you loved the lost, really loved them, you would be willing to trade your own life that they would be saved. You would be willing to die for them or even go to hell for them to keep them free from eternal damnation. Ouch!
How can you save the lost if you aren’t willing to get dirty reaching out to them?
What is motivating your life? Is it faith and love or is it a religious spirit that is steeped in fear and hate?
Those who are religious cannot see what they are doing. They can’t see the speck in another man’s eye because of the mote in their own. They think they are loving Jesus and His righteousness when His highest commandment is to love Him with all your heart and to love your neighbor as you would love yourself and that is not whether they are saved or not.
Loving Jesus and His righteousness is not being separate from the sinner. Jesus loved us first when we were that lost sinner. We all our sinners even though we have a savior but we aren’t to make sin our lifestyle. We are to repent.
Yes, Jesus is calling the church to repentance. He is calling us to examine our hearts to see if we are truly being pleasing to Him. He said to repent of our wicked ways, to ask for forgiveness for our sins, and then He would hear our prayers, forgive us, and heal our land.

Could this speak to anyone else?