Saturday, December 17, 2016

IMMANUEL by Doug MacCallum

Hi Suzanne. Hope and pray all is well with your soul. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year. Thanks for all your hard work for The Kingdom. Maranatha!!
Please post this when you can.
In His Love,
Word received 12/16/16 while driving home from Canada.
The long awaited Time is upon you, for good or for evil. It all depends which side of Me you are on. I cannot wait any longer. The stench of the World's sin has reached My Nostrils and the cries of My Beloved to My Ears. I have pleaded with all flesh to turn to Me that they may endure what I'm about to unleash. The Dogs of War are coming to the Earth. Those that are Mine know this is part of My Plan but for those outside of Me it will be a surprise and a Time of great terror. Many will still reject Me in that hour, even as they face death and Eternity. But others will awake to My wooing of their spirits, the spirits I have formed in every person, and will cry to Me and surrender to Me. Many a prodigal will come back to Me at this Time. For those parents and loved ones, of My Flock, who have been praying for these wayward sheep, will see the fruit of their prayers and be reunited with them.
Remember My Flock, some of you will physically die in the upcoming turmoil. Remember! Those that die in the Natural will be joined with Me for Eternity, so purpose in your hearts how you shall conduct yourselves at any Time. My Peace does not change from circumstances. My Peace is as The River of Life that flows continually from My Throne. Stay in the flow of My Peace and you shall endure anything I allow to come upon you.
Separate yourselves from anything that holds you to this World. Be not like Lot's wife, who foolishly turned back to Sodom! Lay this natural life completely on My Altar that I may consume it with My Holy Fire. All that is consumed of this natural life shall be replaced with the Life of My Spirit which is Eternal.
I AM about to reveal My Bride, Immanuel, to this darkened World. Just as I did in the fullness of Time, so I will in these last hours of Earth. My Logos, My Plan, shall be unveiled, just as a Bride is, to the World and all the principalities and powers of the air. I have been mocked long enough! I will vindicate My Great Name to all Creation, both the physical and the spiritual.
Remember My Beloved, you are My Warrior Bride, as terrible as a great army with banners! Behave yourselves as My Soldiers and endure through Me the hardships that are falling on the Earth. Those that trust and obey Me will I work My Great Works through that will destroy the works of the wicked one. Continue to look to your Spirit Armor and make sure every piece of It is firmly on you and in your hearts. This will be My Show and not yours. Keep yourselves humble before Me and I will do mighty exploits through you!
At this Time on the Earth, as My People reflect on the birth of My Dear Son, I want you to also understand what else is about to happen.
The birth of My Manchild is about to take place! Even now, the so called "churches" all over the World, are working out My Great Plan! Many, who have been rejected and thrown out of these places, are actually part of My Birthing Process of the Manchild! These ones' have been hidden away in so-called caves and backs' of deserts, being fitted and fashioned for My Purposes. These precious jewels have endured, through Me, the ridicule and rejection of the so-called "church". But, through this, as also My Beloved Son, have enabled My Spirit, My Nature, My Power, to transform them. The Great Birth and Unveiling of My True Called Ones is about to take place and, as did My Son, will stop the mouths of the wicked and their god on the Earth and for Eternity.
Be strong and of good courage My Chosen. For Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the World! You will go forward in My Mighty Power and many will say in that hour, "God is truly with us."


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