Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Spirit of Slumber by Pam Clark

I have been wrestling in my spirit to understand a spirit I have sensed for quite a while, but the spirit seems to be so relaxing that it seemed good! Many have been hurt and wounded by abuses, and stress is a big problem in our nation.

But still, I sensed something not right. And the Lord gave me the name today for it and it is "the spirit of slumber." For many, "all is well in the world, there are no problems, just trust the Lord, because He is going easy on you. He loves you sooo much!"

And He does! And it's true that stress is not good, and unnecessary provocations are not good, and a good self esteem is good, etc, etc, etc! But along with this message is the spirit of slumber, so you will not be awake when He comes! He will visit many times before He takes you away. He is a God who prepares...

People are taking these doses of "medicine" like a spiritual tranquilizer. Don't make waves, go with the flow, and there is a lot of good truth in the messages, but what is happening to so many is a dulling and a numbing that sedates.

People are not arising with new vision or purpose, they are not "hastening the day of the Lord." They aren't getting things that provoke them to jealousy for Him, but they are getting into a spirit of waiting that keeps them "out of trouble" and it numbs them to every day truth!

Some things you have to learn to work with. Even the Bible says that we have to rightly divide the words of truth. It is good not to be overbearing or over anxious. It is good to have a steady hand.

But this "chillaxing", as we say now, is making many dull and causing them to pursue "other" ways and not the Lord! This spirit can creep up on you. It's like eating only sweets and temporarily postponing meals that you need to not only satisfy but to fortify.

We can start "putting off" Godly things and slack off in pursuing Him! There is a self discipline that we all need, that we can't get from another person if we are to go on and mature in Him and stand. Today we have so many extremes and supersizing, that a false bar can be there in the every day!

I see this in my own life sometimes and I think why do I feel so dull and sedate and often you think it's just you, but then I look and see this is something widespread. I see the MANY posts of others and they are just coasting.

A number of years ago Randy Demain called me, and we had never met. I had only then began hearing about his ministry, but I didn't know him. But he had a dream and in the dream, he was told to call me. He had never heard of me at all, and so he sought me out and somehow got my email address and shared the dream.

I can't remember all the details of it at the moment, but this part is coming back to me today. In the dream there was an angel jumping up and down on a bed. At first you think of a child's delight to do that, at least I did. But as I pressed into the Spirit, I realized that the angels were coming to the Church and jumping up and down on the bed to say, "Wake up! Wake up!"

We are a slumbering Church and when in our "peace and safety" and least expect it, trouble comes! Not that long ago again, I prophetically sensed God's displeasure with the American Church. People were talking about justice and right and wrong, but were not pursuing it! Strength was to just be in the hands of the few, not the many. Wrong!

I felt the Lord's correction drawing near, and so often we pray for mercy and He grants it. But this presence of correction was coming in increasing intensity and I really sensed that something dramatic could take place and petitioned the Lord again for His mercy as what I sensed was "not good" for so many people.

When we have blessings and truth and we don't share it, when we have the keys of Life and don't live it and prevent, even by neglect, others from entering in, we incur the wrath that even Jesus expressed was coming when He said "no rock would be upon another" because it was going to be leveled.

In "seeing" this in the Spirit, I petitioned Him for mercy and help again, because I saw His Fist raised for rebuke. I petitioned for the "wallop" to be in parts because one big wallop can daze us to a point that the enemy can come in and take serious advantage of our fallen weakness. I sensed in the Spirit felt reply that He would divide it into three.

These are things that will rebuke our nation and they will not be mild things but will affect many. God knows how to deal with the soul. But even in judgment, there is hope if we turn our hearts again to seek the Lord and do His will.

Many today do not even go to Sunday School, and Christian society has expected the youth (that are now young adults) to just "know" these things. They wonder why there is so much disrespect and affection for death. Well, the reason is that for them it is the greater power! What else do they know to believe???

If there is no correct bone structure, how do you build a body, even if you have the parts? God is visiting people, but without understanding, so much is wasted and wrong parts or non fitting parts are inserted and the structure becomes "something else"! Certainly it is not functional.

We are not pursing the Lord, and we are not living for the Lord or standing up for His ways in our society and sometimes not even in our churches. We can look at how our government operates to see the real strengh (or lack thereof) in our land!

No, instead we are being sedated, and drugs can have an effect on you. The Church is asleep, and the evil lion is crouching, looking for whom he may devour and is expecting a feast from so many different angles. Let us shake off that sleepiness - and it's hard to do when we have taken the "potions" - and find that well spring of Life again within us.

"What sin? There is no sin! Jesus died to take care of it all, so no worries, mate! Just live your life and enjoy it!" And many are, without the fear and admonitions of the Lord. It is the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed. 

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