Sunday, April 2, 2017

Words from His Spirit by Pam Clark

Jesus loves you, for real!

And I have a word for someone, God forgave you, for real! There are circumstances in this world that are beyond your control. Therefore you will not be blamed for the things that are out of your control. Be free!
Find the path that is for YOUR life! It is not always what other people say it is. My path, says the Lord, is not always seen with natural eyes. No, you can feel boxed in and think that things will always be the same, but they aren't!
Look for the hidden places. Navigation with Me is in the Spirit. Seek Me and you will find Me! Not a certain place, thing or state of "being." Not status or wealth or fame. All those things are in Me, and you want them IN ME, but I decide and determine what is best for your life.
I am not denying you, I am priming you for the Best! If you keep your mind stayed on Me, you will come out on the other side of My Blessing, and I want to give you all that you can contain!
Learn to serve Me by serving My Creation. Say prayers for other's well being and you will be storing a rich depository of blessings that you can draw on later. You may need them for what I offer you later. I am an unending God, and so to know Me means that you must be willing to explore.
If you learn My Spirit and the ways of My Spirit, you will discover much! Like the seasons, I can change my colors but steadfast, I AM.
If you trust in My Life, you will begin to understand even the seasons of change. And even other places have different seasons! Not everything is conducive for one season. Not every plant will grow in one climate.
Learn to please Me, and it will oil the hinges of My doors for revelation that I want to open for you.
If you learn to think more like I think, says the Lord, then more are the worlds that can open up for you!

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