Tuesday, March 14, 2017

From Hiddenness to Manifestation by Christine Beadsworth

This morning as I was breaking bread and just meditating on the bread of Heaven, I received a vision of a shepherd buy throwing a stone into a cave in the Judean Desert. As the stone entered the depths of the cave, a sound was released as it connected with an earthenware jar inside. Then I saw a number of tall jars being brought out into the open air, where they were viewed by the general public for the first time and caused quite a stir as their contents were revealed. It was a scene similar to the discovery of the Qumran scrolls in 1947, except this was 2017 and this cave's contents had never been seen by the eyes of man before

There is a time of being hidden and a time of manifestation; a time of writing and a time of reading that writing; a time of creating and a time of beholding that creation; a time of confidential communion and a time of sharing that communion; a time of sealing and a time of opening; a time of being in the stall being fed and a time of release...

The contents of these jars have been kept in reserve for such a time as this and the clear sound coming from the cave triggers their discovery. It is the sound of of a vessel empty except for the heavenly scrolls they hold in their hearts. The stone thrower is the Son of David, our Bridegroom of the House of David, who has been reserving the messages these vessels carry for the final leg of the preparation of His Bride.


From Hiddenness to Manifestation

Be blessed as you listen. I will be sending the written transcript as soon as it is completed.


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