Monday, March 20, 2017

From Vicki Blair

Join us tomorrow night (Tuesday) at the Veteran's Bldg in Porterville!  It's a new season!   Pre-service prayer begins at 6:00.  Hope to see you!


We have guest speakers at the School of Reformation tonight and next Monday night as well!  We're in an exciting season of growth, acceleration and impartation!   The classes run from 6:30 - 9:30pm at Renaissance in Bakersfield:

5650 District Blvd - Suite 109

The fee to audit the class is $35.  Hope to see you there!


Tonight -

Annie Byrne is a revivalist who desires to see the church and society transformed by fully embracing the truth and power of the kingdom of God. She believes that each person has a deposit of “Christ in them”, and that they truly are the secret to revealing God’s Glory on the earth.
As a young woman Annie traveled with Randy Clark, after attending his ministry school, and was able to serve as a personal assistant and to speak and impact the nations for God. She believes strongly that if we want to change the world we need to model ourselves after Jesus, and move through culture to change culture. If you have the chance to talk to her, even if just for one minute, she prays that you will walk away at a higher level of Glory and love for who God made you!
Annie is now serving as the Director of Encourager School of Kingdom Ministry, and as the Pastor of Supernatural Ministry at Encourager Church. She also loves speaking at churches, Universities, young adult groups, leadership teams, basically anywhere she can, so that the message of the transforming power and Glory is revealed to all!

Next Monday (Mar 27) -

Jay and Brittany Koopman serve together as the Directors for the Youth and Young Adults ministries of HRock Church. Jay’s intense passion for Jesus has brought a message of hope, healing, and restoration to a generation of young people. In 2003 Jay became a youth pastor in Los Angeles and revival broke out in the young adult and youth ministry he led, as it grew from 20 to 500 people in a matter of two years. Brittany has worked in nearly every aspect of church life for the last six years, but her passion is to see families walking and living in health and wholeness. Her desire is to help children feel empowered to love well and encourage parents to feel equipped to lead their families inspired – raising up a generation of healthy future mothers and fathers.

Blessings on your week!


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