Monday, November 21, 2016

What Are You Going To Do? by Pam Clark

What are you going to do for the Lord in 2017? Making plans?
The fact that you choose to make plans with God is very good and very important! It is really one of the first steps in navigating with Him. Some wait for something to "happen" to them, and some see goals and hear directives, or choose specifically to offer themselves to Him.
It is not a passive thing, because the passive often gets bypassed! You have to consider your soil. Is it hard ground, rocky, or is it fallow and prepared or being prepared? Every step is important.
More often that not, God does not send specific prophetic words to those who are not preparing. And usually those prophetic words confirm something already going on and encourage and boost the determination level for greater fruit and reaping.
I think most would say that friendship with God is a very strong place and all real friendships have give and take (or receiving). Two people will have different wills, where one person will have one will. Is God conforming to you, or you to Him? Hey, no insult there, this is something that needs to be reasoned in your soul.
Not everyone is called to ministry, but those who are will have more challenging pressures, because your words and actions have to help, carry and love on and minister to others. But ministers cannot live without the support of others, so in God's eyes, there is an equality.
We ALL need and enjoy what others supply and contribute to the world. We need to quit separating the "clergy-laity" (the doctrine of the Nicolaitans that Jesus hated) and be of one heart and mind. God is not letting non-"clergy" off the hook! If you want in on the blessings, we each must do our parts and give honor to whom honor is due, and some honor is helping others to get it right so they won't miss their blessings!
Some people are called and don't even know they are called because they have never experienced the Presence in a way that invites them in to discover their God given spiritual gifts. But some when experiencing that Presence will realize what it is that they need to do to contribute to the world. God has pleasure in that, and often honors them.
So what is it that God wants you to do, or what is it from a heart of gratitude or love is it that you would want to do for Him? If you know Him, you become aware of His Heart!
There are many rascals in the world expressing themselves because they have not experienced the Presence of Life, so flesh is manifesting big time. It is up to us to change the world and make a difference and that desire will cause you to seek His wisdom in how to do it.
So if you have something real in your heart that you want to do, God will take that and help you to get on the right path for your life. Sometimes you have to break through thick walls! but that is okay.
On the other side is the beautiful blessing of His Love. Start Planning! 2017 is the Year of Victory!

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