Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I am the great I AM and I call you to my side and I say to you this very day to be still and know that I am God. Know that I have called you to do a good work of sanctifying yourself unto Me. Set aside your worldly plans, yes, those things that are secular of nature and draw close to Me for I am the author and finisher of all of your faith. You cannot do this on your own. You need Me every step of the way.
I began a good work in you and I am faithful to complete it. Everything that you go through I am in total control of and I orchestrated it so that you would be conformed into My image. I will take you through the same type of trials that I had to go through but not as severe. I stood in the gap that you would have victory over all the power of the enemy.
I died that you would have life and that abundantly but the enemy has come to sift you and to shake you and to rob you of your joy. Yes, I have come that you would have life but it can only come as you abide in Me. When you go off on your own trying to deal with your emotions concerning all that you go through your efforts are in vain for you will fail in your own strength.
Yes, die out and surrender it all to Me and trust Me. Abide in Me and draw close to Me. Lay your head upon my breast and rest for you have gone through mighty upheavals of emotion and need to be strengthened and built back up.
Yes, you see the nation and how they react to things they don’t like and you aren’t like them that have no shepherd. Rest, I say to you. Give it all to Me and rest. I will build you back up and bring victory and put back the bounce in your step and a smile on your face. This is nothing that you have faced compare to what others are facing.
Yes, die out to your own trials, give them to Me and pray for those I want to place on your heart this very hour. It isn’t worth allowing the enemy to rob one minute of joy and any of the blessings I have poured out upon you and will pour out in the near future. This is the hour I will pour out My power and through a bride made ready. So let out a victory cry and a sigh of relief that for surely you do have the victory says your God.

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