Sunday, April 3, 2016

Forerunners by Mary B Dovie

These are My Forerunners, the tested and the tried
A company of trailblazers that cannot be denied
I don’t look at the color of hair, but the fire in the heart
I don’t play the games of compare; these have been set a part
They’ve stayed the course; they’ve stood alone
Faithfully obeying, My service never did bemoan
They walk the ancient paths, and follow the Good Way
Mercy and Truth beside them, My image to display
My Forerunners have blazed many trails
Moving forward, even now, their prayers do prevail
With hearts on fire, they appeal to the Father and sing
To open the Heavens, preparing the way for their King
They’re sent to run before you as a witness My Word is true
Their testimonies are unshakeable; they’ll stand the harshest review
They continually call out to the timid and the shy,
“Trust only in the Lord, on Him you must rely”
“He will always keep you through the storms
Fear nothing. Hark! He’s sounding the alarm
He is leading you by His marvelous grace
Awaken. Join with us; it’s time to take your place”

Scriptural References:
1 Samuel 16:7;  Psalms 4:5; 7:1; 9:10; 18:2; 25:10; 107:29; 119:32;  Proverbs 3:5-6;  Isaiah 2:3;  Jeremiah 6:16;  Ezekiel 1:1;  Micah 4:2;  Malachi 3:10b;  Luke 2:21; 8:23-25;  John 1:51; 14:1-3, 18, 23-24;  Acts 7:56;  Romans 8:29;  Revelation 19:11.

Mary B. Dovie
“In God We Trust”

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