Friday, April 1, 2016

God's Treasure Chest by Pam Clark

I think the majority of decent people who don't believe do so because they cannot "connect the dots." They believe in God but just can't imagine that He would speak to them and care about them in a personal way. They like and appreciate the hope that they stand a chance for Heaven and they don't want the drama and fear of doom all the time "to get them in." They don't want to be manipulated and can see through that a mile away.
But MANY have never had anyone pray with ...them in a personal way for a need, much less to give them the opportunity to have their own effective prayer life. You can't just say to a baby believer, "Here's the Bible, read it" and expect them to excel in spiritual things right away. It's not going to happen, except with a very few.
God gave the TEACHER person in the Body for a reason, just like He did the pastor, evangelist, prophet and apostle and other ministry gifts. Just because someone says they are a pastor or something else, does not mean that they really are. Some have some knowledge but not a relationship with God! Some see their knowledge (but not faith) as a skill set to make money. They obviously do not know or fear God, but know they need and desire money.
Some don't realize how dangerous playing with that is, but God will use them to the degree that He can to help some on their path. The problem is that there is a lot of deception that can go with it that has to be unlearned and even healed. That is why we NEED Revival!
The Gospel and the Holy Spirit is not a Spook that people have to fear all the time. There is a relationship in the learning process and it starts with a prayer. All salvation starts with a prayer! It's the beginning and birthing of spiritual life. Will you be His midwife?
As Christians, we are called to defend the faith, and even defend the new (or abused or confused) believers, not condemn them for their lack of understanding, but speak the truth in Love!
Your personal prayers for someone can change not only their world but many others as well. You never know what gift you may unlock in God's wonderful treasure chest! He who wins souls is wise!

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