Sunday, April 3, 2016

Word by Russ and Kitty Walden

The Father says today the promises I have given you are much closer than you realize. The promise of your Father is not so much dependent upon a period of time as a quality of faith. I am not sitting back in the heavens looking at a stop watch or a day on the calendar before I act in your life. I am a God of the now. NOW is My native habitat. I am not time bound therefore nothing I have in mind toward you is limited to time. I am not holding out on you. I am not taunting you with the passage of time or endless, senseless delay. Enter into your now. Realize that because I have time you have time. I am Lord over time therefore time is your servant and not your master.

Trust Me says the Father and I will empower you and lead you into a walk with Me where time is your servant and the heavens are your footstool. We will walk through the days together and you will see Me cause your yesterdays to be redeemed and your tomorrows to become secure. I am the God of the second chance. I am all about reclamation and restoration. You will step out into the potentiality of each day and know - just know that your Heavenly Father has all in hand therefore success is assured. Failure is not an option. I am not a failure therefore you will not fail - as you put and keep your trust fully in Me says the Father.

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