Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Final Push by Lonnie Mackley

While in prayer I saw a vision of a woman in a hospital desperately struggling to give birth to a baby. She had been in labor for many long hours, and she looked so tired and weary with her hair soaked in sweat. With each contraction she would brace herself and push with all her might, but you could tell that she was starting to run out of strength and in immense pain as she cried out in great agony. Although she did not say it, I could hear in her heart that she felt that she could not go on any longer if this difficult ordeal did not end soon. Then I saw Jesus appear at her side grasping her hand and looking deeply into her eyes. I could also see in the background that there were angels lined up in the room that had been praying. As the next birth pangs came Jesus urged her to look at Him alone and to hold on tight to get through the next wave, so she did and with His strength she finally gave birth to a beautiful baby. There was great joy in the room and the angels were all greatly rejoicing.
Many of you have been going through a very long period of spiritual pregnancy, and now you have entered the labor phase where you have been getting some severe warfare “contractions” that are even harder than you’ve been used to. Although you feel like you just cannot take another difficult episode, Jesus wants you to hang on right now and to keep seeking Him and interceding no matter what extreme attacks may come to try to distract and discourage you. This is the time to stay very close to the Lord and to pray in the Spirit constantly as you get closer and closer to the final delivery of what God has been birthing in you all of your life. It has been Jesus Himself that has been leading you; and although you have felt so weary and alone lately, there are angels by your side that have been ministering to you and helping you. Soon you will give birth to the mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit that will save many thousands, so do not give up and hang on to Jesus during this final push.
ISA 66:9 Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?" says the LORD. "Do I close up the womb when I bring to delivery?" says your God.

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