Sunday, December 6, 2015

Trolls and Phone call

Folks, I request prayer coverage for this blog and myself.  There have been 'trolls' trying to leave abusive comments lately (deleted) and then a phone call that simply said "just die".

God bless you all and stay safe and sheltered in Jesus.



  1. We pray for authority over the airwaves and sound waves. All the demonic opposition sent against this list and the owner of this , we send you back to the pit of hell, where you belong for eternity, cut off by the fire of the Holy Spirit, forever. I plead the blood over Suzannne and all the she represents to God's Bride.We pray for overflowing finances and ongoing success of what she is called to do. We take back ALL sound waves and airwaves, communication on the internet , phones , cell phones and any other form of communication. In Yeshua's name. Amen

    1. Thank you, Sharon. God bless you!!


  2. REJOICE! This means that your blog (and your charity works) are shining the light of the kingdom of Christ and upsetting that of darkness. You are making inroads. You will pass away when God sees fit, not what the enemy is saying thru its vessels in flesh. We should pray for those trolls that they be liberated from the spirits/demons of the enemy while they are on earth because after that it will be hard if not impossible to save them.