Wednesday, December 2, 2015

“Grand Father” Clock The Church’s Time Being Reset By Bonnie Jones

Time seems to be on the heart of the Father in this season. Recently I saw a beautiful old yet pristine grandfather clock. It stood about eight feet tall and had been painted white. It looked so elegant with its’ long gold pendulum swaying side to side in perfect rhythm. I could also see its gold chimes within the clock’s tower. Although it was still in excellent working order I felt in my spirit that its’ time was being reset.
Grandfather Clock
Traditionally, long case clocks were made with two types of movement; eight-day and one-day (30-hour) movements. A clock with an eight-day movement required winding only once a week, while generally less expensive 30-hour clocks had to be wound every day. Eight-day clocks are often driven by two weights – one driving the pendulum and the other the striking mechanism, which usually consisted of a bell or chimes. Such movements usually have two keyholes on either side of the dial to wind each one. By contrast, 30-hour clocks often had a single weight to drive both the false keyholes, for customers who wished that guests to their home would think that the household was able to afford the more expensive eight-day clock. All modern striking long case clocks have eight-day movements.
Until the early 20th century, pendulum clocks were the world's most accurate timekeeping technology, and long case clocks, due to their superior accuracy, served as time standards for households and businesses. Today they are kept mainly for their decorative and antique value. (Wikipedia)
I believe the clock represents the Church and God is the “Grand Father” who holds the key. He alone has the power to reset the Church’s clock. The Lord is the driving pendulum who leads us into all righteousness for His name’s sake and empowers the body to perform the greater works. While the striking mechanism is the empowered church that strikes the head of the enemy with a precise swift motion. 
The clock’s white frame represents the Church that’s been washed in the blood of the Lamb, sanctified and marked as “holy unto the Lord.” In the Father’s precise timing His key was placed into the “keyhole” of the Church. The Grandfather clock is an eight-day clock and eight represents new beginnings. I believe the Father has already placed His key into the “whole” of the Church and by turning it has reset its’ time.
Timing is everything and the Father is teaching the body its’ importance. We’ve witnessed His mighty hand move across the nations yet paid no mind to the circumstance. But today He’s going to teach us the timing of His hand from His perspective. We may not understand at first but we will quickly learn its circumference.
God’s timing is vital and we must spend time alone with Him daily. As we do, truths are uncovered in the Word. Man cannot expect to be fed by manna alone. They need the word of God to chew on and nourish them. No carbs, no waste – only meat!
The Race of Endurance
In our microwave world we want everything right now and we always seem to be in a hurry. Patience seems to be something of the past yet patience is a fruit of the Spirit. And I believe God is allowing His children to run the race of endurance. We can’t hurry God. His timing is perfect as is His will for each one of us.
Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us(Hebrews 12:1)
I heard the Lord say, “All the horses finished the race in first place!” I believe God is saying that all those who begin His race will finish and be winners no matter where they began. Whether they began early or late in life they will finish their walk in Him. Because deep in the heart of all mankind lies the truth of who Jesus is. And today He’s revealing Himself to those who believe. As time is reset, there shall be no doubt or unbelieving saints in this season. Those who have wavered in the past will know the fullness of God. They shall experience life in abundance overflowing in Him. They shall know Him as “Redeemer.”
I believe the Father is setting the Church on His timetable so She will taste and see the goodness of God in this season. It is in His timing the Church experiences resurrection life. It’s time to send forth a sound of awakening to the Bride. It’s time to awaken her to love in the Lord. 

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