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Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Dear Friends and Economic Watchers:
Although many things in the world around us may seem to be spiraling out of control, the LORD is continuing to speak to His people. He is our strong tower in time of need, and the One who aligns our emotions so we can hear and embrace His revelation for this season. This was clearly seen in our services yesterday. Don't miss the key dreams and prophetic revelation below!
We are watching history being made. Most of America, and perhaps the world, thought that the Federal Reserve was the most powerful economic agency in the world. However, the incident of the market drop yesterday refuted that idea. China showed that they could manipulate the world market for their benefit as we approach the new Jewish Year, 5776, and the new civil year 2016. The Lord revealed this to me in 1986.
The two dreams below given by the Lord to Anne Tate and Emma Moore reveal the future of the economic world. Pray for me as I continue writing the third book that will project key revelation for God's Kingdom people through 2026.
Emotion vs. Vision: Shutting Unwanted, Soulish Doors!
The LORD had me begin Sunday morning during our Triumphant Faith Institute component with a message on "Emotion vs. Vision: Shutting Unwanted, Soulish Doors!" In a time when much seems to be shaking, we must not allow our emotions to dictate how we respond to hurts, fears or confusion. Rather, we must allow Holy Spirit to bring healing and deliverance to areas that will close off access that the enemy has been using, to distract and capture us. This is a message that some of you will want to hear several times, and one that will give you hope to rise to a new level of discernment and wholeness.
Finding Your Place in the Company of the LORD!
During our Celebration Service on Sunday, Robert Heidler shared on "Finding Your Place in the Company of the LORD: The Host of Heaven and His Army on Earth!" As we push to complete this year of Ayin Hei with a new strength, we must understand with whom we are aligned. In this first of two messages by Robert, he taught on angels and how we partner with the army of Heaven. I am fond of saying, "Don't run off the angels!" We are entering a season when we will need the angels to interact with us as never before, so don't miss Robert's teaching that will open your eyes in a new way to the host of Heaven. Next week he will continue this message by teaching on God's Army on the Earth!
Don't Fear the Bull When He Runs Again! Two Key Dreams for NOW!
During the service on Sunday, I invited Anne Tate to share a dream that speaks into the global financial gyrations we are seeing. After she shared the dream publicly, Emma Moore (one of our financial records stewards), shared another key dream. I wanted to share both of these dreams with you, along with what I hear the Lord communicating through these dreams.
Dream 1: Winter Will Come! You Will See That Finances You Are Owed Will Return!
The weather was icy and snowy. There was a big sinkhole in the street that was surrounded by ice. I was trying not to get sucked up by the hole that had a slippery edge. A person from my past showed up with papers in hand. He was explaining why he hadn't sent me the money he owed me. He said my account had been closed. Then I woke up.
The Lord would say, "Don't fear being sucked up by the sinking financial hole that has formed. By February 19-21, you will find that monies and supply that you thought were gone for good, have been waiting to find their way back to you. Even though you have shut accounts from the past, the monies are being held for you to steward again."
Dream 2: Do Not Be Afraid When the Bull Begins to Run Again
I was standing in a large field under a single tree – which is interesting because we're in the month when the King is in the field. I was trying to protect someone and when I came to them, I said,"The Beast has been loosed!" The person I was trying to protect got up and they were able to run. I turned and saw a BULL and it was running straight for me and I knew I couldn't do anything. Suddenly the bull was over me and I was under it and I was at peace; the BULL was just standing there.
I said, "Lord, Chuck gave a word when we were in Malaysia that said when you get in a situation that you can't do anything about, ask for an angel. So You're going to have to send an angel to help me here."
I knew it was fall because the grass was not green, but dying, and the tree's leaves had turned colors. It seemed to me that we will be "under" the bull for a while because when the dream ended I was still under him and it was part of what the Lord did to assist me angelically.
We must understand that a tremendous economic shift is going on. However, I want you to stop and understand one thing about wealth: Wealth does not go away. Rather, wealth is transferred from place to place to place. You are not to think, "Oh my, everything is going to crash and the wealth will be gone." That is not how it works. Rather, you are to ask "How will it be transferred?" and "How will this transfer affect you?"
China has now taken the lead in economic influence, transfer, and manipulation. Eventually the BULL will overshadow you. That means to hover over you. That says that the market is being restructured. Gain revelation from the changes that occur this week. Ask for angelic assistance on how to move.
What is happening now will be a protection to you in days ahead. TheBeast is a coalition that is organized to manipulate the transference of wealth this hour. There will be one more great shaking in the next month. Then we must see how to move with revelation that will secure the operations of God's Kingdom for the next two years.
We've heard prophecies this year about the economic shift that would be taking place by September 2016. What I prophesied was that we wouldn't start seeing the new order of that shift until mid-February into March 2016.Therefore, I think we're seeing the shift happen right now, and people have to know what to do. Understand that this shift is going to affect you in whatever field you are in. You can be fearful in the midst of this shift, or you can stand in that field and attempt to help others make it through without their emotional crash.
Anne's dream is about a Bull market returning, but this market will be controlled by a coalition, rather than the Federal Reserve System manipulations. In your field there will come a time when the bull will be predominant. People need to make financial decisions now, but that can be very difficult because of emotional attachments to money. Some people need to get out of stocks and bonds, and make decisions to do that.
You have to make your decisions, but if you live in fear then you will never grab hold of the "bull-beast" when he begins to overshadow in the spring. In the midst of what we're going through, there is a secure, peaceful place to be confined. Don't fear Babylon. God will bring angelic help to reveal how the overshadowing of the "bull-beast" coalition will cause us to prosper in days ahead.
"There is a change in your field that's coming. Do not try to overprotect those in the change; just announce the change is coming, and be aware that we all will be affected and must make a move. In the midst of that, know that I will send an overshadowing opportunity back in your way in days ahead.
"When this overshadowing comes, ask for clear revelation on how to increase. The next six months, beginning now, will be key for you to understand the changes in the field so you can see a shift in My provision in days ahead. Do not be fearful. Be at peace, make your changes, and watch Me send in what you need for the future in your field."
Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


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