Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Wrecker God for His Place by Pam Clark


There are times when I have to pull away to hear what the Lord is saying.  I can't just give words out of my own imaginations.  I can have words that flow, because I eat His manna, but when they stop, after checking to make sure there is not something I missed in Him, then I have learned to just wait.  Because often He has a bigger word - or a newer word - that I have not considered before that He wants and is prompting me to say.  I can't manufacture them, there is a presence that visits the words of the Lord.  And this is what I received this morning as the burden of His Heart:

Today many are talking about the judgments that are coming and that is no secret to most, that we have missed some things in this nation, and we know God is not pleased.  But He deals with the Church first.

God is jealous over relationship with Him.  Not just yours, but everyone's.  People today are being programmed, by being told who God is to be with them.  He is being defined as in a box (or even building) that people can come into and find Him.  It's at best, in a church, a limited discovery.  I see people saying He fits into this program, this format, that people should come into, that He is saying  is not Him.  They are defining God and usurping His relationship with the people.

They are not making a path for the person to the Person of Him.  There is TOO MUCH control in the Church!  Honor of the individual with God is LACKING.  He goes beyond the walls!  Those who chafe at this don't know Him, but want that control.

The Presence of God speaks to what people need without a human person watching over them to judge their every move or thought.  They only (at basic level) need the Word.  Teaching to SEEK is what needs to be taught, without the intervention of man "over" their life.

Now too much of that non-accountability can be licentiousness, but if control is in church more than real reverence, it is very offensive to God, and He will contend.

Confusion is where there are two different inferences on what people should do.  Church is to be a place where people SHARE what God is doing and has done.  It should declare who He is!

No boxes!  The Word is Lord.  Pastors will govern when people get off of what God wants, but are not governors over souls in ways that usurp the Lord and His Spirit with man.  No one is smart enough to know what all God wants to do!

God asks, "Who have you covered?  And who is covering you?"  Those are the people of God because they do cover each other.  That is the NATURE of the Spirit.  Abraham was blessed... to be a blessing!  Are you one?

Why not?  Who (?) restrains you?

Reject those (kindly) those who try to be God to you.  Find your confidence in Him.

We are called to be SEEKERS.  Do we want control or Presence?  Some are stuck.  They have done well and gotten stuck there.  God says SEEK!  Because if you don't, you will go into control and that will offend people AND God.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.   Prophetic ones, quit seeking "words" all the time!  God has words but HIS SHEEP know HIS VOICE and it does not always come through another person.  Many live forever in His sight without getting  "a word" from someone.

STOP IDOL WORSHIPING!!!  People get addicted to words that tickle or flatter and miss the real Word Giver!

God will give wrong words to those who "have to have" a word.  That's Scripture!  If you want a word in order to be a better servant to Him, then that's okay if you are seeking Him over "the word".  But if you want "a word" to get your ego stroked, you will find it a snare to you.  Maturity knows more!

There are many who are not in churches who do hear His Voice.  Some discern it and some don't, but He can call and they will come!  But the Church structure is not ready to receive them all.  Because they are coming to find HIM and not a man-made program and especially one that demands all their resources for other's selfish pleasures.  That spirit has stopped many moves of God and brought judgments from Him.

Other things have stopped moves too, but the world understands the marketplace and how it works.  The Church is to help people get rid of their snares!!!

We need many downloads from God.  These downloads are what causes a MOVEMENT.  Not just in a few but MANY!!!  MAN is NOT IN CHARGE!!!

You will see the marketplace jump on "a movement" before you can get the words fully out of your mouth.   They are lustful to capitalize.  The cutting edge and dividing line is where you can see God OVER the world spirit, in Love and power.

And you can see, the Church is weak today, compared to former times.  But when it/they get adjusted, they can rise again - and will!

If God has to bypass a generation, that will be a sad thing,  That would be a shamed generation but God can raise up something out of seeming nothing.  He can raise up sons to Abraham out of rocks, John the Baptist said.

We need to always leave place for people to hear God and then share His ways.  He has many, many ways which is why we NEED the Scriptures to know the foundations and show the Truth.  If the Word is lifted up to be the Living Word, not as apart but as Holy, then we will have a right focus.  Then we will have great pleasure and instruction in what we share, as we should.

There is a local focus and a global focus for all the nations.  If we do not recognize our King of the nations and the world, we will not find our place.

We need to get the spirit of control OUT OF THE CHURCH.  Where is God IN the people?  He will clear out the money changers!

God can come in mercy or He can come in wrath to find His place.  His Church will be CLEAN before HIS PRESENCE. 

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