Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kim Clement - August 22nd, 2015 - From The Den

Today I pray that the Holy Spirit would speak to every person all over the world. Some of you seeking direction - some of you are fearful. I get letters every day from people that are fearful, but the Spirit of God said, why have you chosen fear? What is it that causes My people to look to fear, to say we must go back? God's Spirit says to America and to the nations of the earth, do I stand fearing? When I spoke to Joshua, I said do not fear. When I speak to you today, many have said "What about the tsunami that is coming to New York?" God said, there is no tsunami coming to New York at this time. I am the Lord the Creator. The earth obeys Me and I have set certain things to happen, but at this time, God said, no tsunami. I will show you that there shall be a spiritual tidal wave that shall lift the people to a higher place. Enough of this fear mongering, says the Spirit of God! Look at Israel as they are now being rocketed because of hand shaking with Iran, your enemy. But God says, they have not shook My hand! They have not taken My hand in a covenant. Only those who have taken My hand in a covenant shall see the release of My glory in this end time and it is coming, says the Lord. It is coming like a mighty, rushing wind. As it was in the day of Acts on the Day of Pentecost, so it is coming again that My people may breathe the breath of God, that the paracletos may once again stand as the Comforter of mankind. I will not hold back, says the Lord. This is an hour where triumph shall be heard from the north to the south and to the east to the west, says the Lord!

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