Thursday, March 31, 2016

Betrayal by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Have you ever been betrayed?  As My Son, Jesus, can tell you betrayal hurts deeply.  He was betrayed by His beloved disciple, Judas.  Regardless of why Judas did it, it happened and forever brought forth the changes that have brought us to Resurrection Day, when Jesus rose from the grave, that he had been put in by man.
But I say to you, there is no power on earth that can stop Me from resurrecting My Son, or from anything else that I will choose to do in the days ahead.
Time is short.  Many have been betrayed in the past year and many more will be betrayed in the days ahead as time continues to accelerate. Know that in this process I am changing much and you will learn who you are to trust and who you are not to trust.  I will reveal My truth to those who need to know.
Even as change comes forth in the land around you, so will it come forth in relationships, as I use the betrayals to mold you into what I have for you.  The results will cause you to be more vulnerable to Me and to cause even greater change in you.
Do not fear the days ahead, for I have you in My hand and will not let go of you.  I have designed you for a time such as this and am calling you out of the shadows into a greater life in Me.
You are My Beloved and in you, I am well pleased.


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