Sunday, March 20, 2016

Important Message by Yolanda Ballard

Blessings to you!

Many are going through very trying times and are having a very hard time working through them, but rest assured that what the enemy means for harm God is working it for our good!

I really believe that we need to be very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as to where we are to be positioned in the army of the Lord. We need to know our authority and be under authority with those who are of like mind and spirit. Some who are in special missions need to make sure that they are not connected with anyone or anything that would give the enemy legal right to hinder, oppress, or invade our mission in the Lord.
The Lord is doing a separating work in this very hour and we need to be especially very yielded to this work. This involves the tearing down of the enemy's kingdom and building up the Kingdom of the Lord. This is very important that we die out to what we think is our own needs and desires and yield to the working of the Spirit in us. This is a very hard time and we need to trust the Lord in this separating work! And at the very same time we need to be very bold and stand for the things of the Lord concerning holiness and not yield to the multitudes who are giving into compromise, having a political spirit, and the mixture of the occult. Many have given into the deception of false grace and are justifying every type of sin. Do not dabble in the ways of darkness and do not touch the unclean thing. Come out from among them for their ways are leading to death!

I pray great grace and peace upon every one of you.

Love in Christ,


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