Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Five Prophetic Mini-Words To Encourage You Right Now by Lonnie Mackley

As I have been seeking the Lord I have been receiving small prophetic mini-words that I believe the Lord wanted to encourage you with right now. Some of these may apply to you, some of them may not; but the Lord wants you to know that He is at work in your life, and to look up right now because your redemption is drawing near. So may these words encourage you and let you know that God is still with you, and that He loves you very dearly. So all that being said, here are the prophetic words.
1. Your Time of Exile is About to End- Many of you reading this now have lived in an exile-like state for most of your life where others may and you may not, and you’ve had to watch others go on and have prosperous healthy lives while you seem to be stuck and waiting for something. This has been especially pronounced as you have gone through the Christian Wilderness, and lately this spiritual transition to maturity. Very soon this time will end, and you will move forward with genuine purpose.
2. The Great Divide Will Widen- As we enter our time of ascension as the sons of God in the earth and the anointing upon us becomes stronger you will see a greater separation between you and those who do not want the Lord. Some of these people will be close to you and they will become hostile toward the things so God. Try not to take this personally and just know that this is happening all over the world as the wheat and the chaff are being separated just before Jesus returns soon.
3. Expect To Be Joined to New People Soon- Although we are losing people because the fire and shaking of God are forcing people to choose one side or the other, we will also be joined with new people who will take the place of those we’ve lost and be every bit the family and friends that you need for this last harvest and beyond. These will be eternal friends and family, and they will fill the void of loneliness left behind from those who go. These new people will be loyal to Jesus and you.
4. God Will Start Moving Again- For many of us we have not seen God really move in a big way for quite some time because we have been in a preparation and maturing mode. This will change soon and things will start moving at a pretty fast clip. The children of Israel had to live the same day over and over again for many years, but then came the day to enter their Promised Land and everyone was on deck and going forward all at once. So expect God to start moving, and just follow His lead.
5. Expect Direct Visitation- Regardless of what interaction you may have had with the Lord in the past, you can expect a lot more direct interaction with Him very soon like never before known in the history of mankind. This is partly why your purification and preparation had to be so thorough. You can expect dreams, visions, talks with angels, visits to Heaven, and direct talks with Jesus where He will reveal more of Himself to you and allow you get to know Him more personally face to face.
So I hope that some of these words have spoken to you, and I want to personally encourage you today that no matter what broken down or wounded state you may be in right now, that God will give you all the grace and help that you may need as He sends you forward. You just have to be willing to take each step as he leads you and to cooperate with His direction. Stay obedient, stay holy, stay seeking Him, let go of the world and sin completely. So take heart, and get ready for the good part!
PS 31:24 Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.

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