Friday, March 11, 2016

The Great Awakening of Kingdom Believers by Cal Pierce

The Great Awakening that is coming will awakening Kingdom believers to the revelation of how to perform the greater works that Jesus promised in John 14:12. These dread champions will move the Kingdom on earth as has never been seen before. They will accomplish this from a profound love the causes them to realize the sick and lost are worth their lives. These warriors will move in great creative power because they have a full time God and no longer have time for the devil. They will be untouchable by the enemy because of this. They are the Isaiah 60 generation that will carry the Glory of the Lord with such brightness that nations will listen to them and Kings will recognize their power. They will be the only people who carry the keys of the Kingdom of God that unlock the answers a desperate world is seeking. They will be the light in a world with deep darkness. IT’S TIME TO ARISE!

Cal Pierce
Healing Rooms Ministries

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