Sunday, March 20, 2016

CALL OF THE FINAL HOUR by Yolanda Ballard

Let me remind you of what I said before that the time would come where many would not endure sound doctrine but would look about with itchy ears for that which would suffice the lust of their flesh.  They would look for a word that would justify what they are doing.  At present many would be short tempered, impatient, selfish, compromising, belligerent.  They would not love one another but would be quick to judge, quick to run down their brother.  And I said that I would not endure the actions and behavior of these people that I would turn them over to a seducing spirit, one that would bring them under gross deception.  They would no longer be able to discern the true from the counterfeit, and wolves in sheep’s clothing would lead them astray only because they came out from My protection.

I warn you this day not to believe all that you hear from those who say they are My prophets for they have opened themselves up to a delusion, and they are spreading lies about those who are My true prophets.  Do not come under them for they are false shepherds.  You can tell them by their fruit.  Everyone who says, “Lord, Lord, didn’t I cast out demons in Your name, didn’t I heal the sick, etc”.   I do not know you depart from Me.  They only talked the talk but did not walk after me.

Remain faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life.  I will give you the hidden manna.  I will give you revelations, My secrets, and do signs, wonders and miracles through you.  For yes, you will be My Joseph’s, My Rebekah’s, My Deborah’s, My Esther’s, and My Joshua’s.  For yes, you are My end time army and I will tear down and build up through you.  I will build My kingdom on earth that no man can destroy for I am sovereign, ruler of the universe, and the government is upon My shoulders.  I am the Captain of the hosts of heaven and I lead you in this battle.

Nothing will remain from the evil one when I conquer over his kingdom on earth.  I brought him down.  He is under your feet and I will build new heavens and new earth.  The weapons of your warfare are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.  As I have said before remain faithful unto death and I will give you My crown, My scepter, My authority, My kingdom dominion, power and glory, for yes, you are My bride and I give you My all.

Once again I want you to examine what you have to see if it is truly of Me.  Is it the pearl of great price?  Are you willing to sell all to have it in your life or are you settling for less than the best I have to offer?  Don’t dabble in those things that will cost you your life in Me.  Don’t open yourself up to compromise.  I don’t want you to miss out of being a part of all I am going to do.  You came this far.  Don’t throw it all away on that which don’t last, the counterfeit, that which promises you fame and fortune, the lust of the flesh and eyes.  All those things are empty.

Turn back to Me and I will give you life that is abundant.  Come walk with Me in the cool of the day.  Stay by My side; walk closely with Me for I want to share My burdens with you.  There are those out there who need you.  No one else can do what I called you to do the way that only you can do it.  Be My bride.  Yes, clean up your garments and get ready.  There is not that much time left to make yourself ready.

Run with Me and rejoice for you have the victory if you choose Me above all else for yes, this is the final hour to enter in.  When the time is up the door will shut and no one else can enter.  Yes, this is the final hour and I will pour out My power.  Make yourself ready!

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