I see a river flowing with white water rapids.  And the reason there are rapids is because under the water are rocks and boulders.  And the rocks and boulders have names like - Self-importance, Independence, Doubt, Unbelief . . . all of the hindrances to a move of God.  But the water is wearing down the rocks as it flows.  And the stream is propelled with a lot of power and momentum.
And the Lord says - it is your worship and intercession that are propelling the river and removing the roadblocks.  Keep pressing in.  Keep worshiping and dancing in My presence.
And I see a large cement wall and people are lined up against it, pushing the wall back.  And behind them a wind begins to blow, adding to their strength and helping to push the wall back.
And God says - don't stop now.  Press even harder than you have so far.
And I hear a newly birthed baby cry.