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 I have only read this sent to me by a sis and I have found it excellent. I am in a lot of pain and weary so have not checked out the whole site but believe they are "kosher" gleaning from this article. There is only so much I can do folks in my state. It is long but powerful~ pulling down strongholds.-Dee
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January 31, 2015
Thank You Holy Ghost. We are about to perform an operation. We are going to draw lines through this place. I want you to move across this place and greet seven people and say "Baruch Haba B'Shem Adonai, Blessed be the Name of the Lord", and cut across, seven people, we are drawing lines. Make sure it's seven. Thank You Lord. Something is about to shift, something is going to move, something is going to change. The Spirit of God is saying, I am going to move things in your life. The Holy Ghost said, there are going to be shifts, there are going to be changes in people's lives. We are going to pick up from exactly where we stopped.
The Spirit of God ended the last session by revealing something, something that has constituted a veil, that when you think about. This veil I'm talking about is not just a piece of cloth, this veil is a real wall. This spirit has been responsible for delay in people's lives. It's been responsible for setbacks and many people have not recovered from certain setbacks. It's also responsible for a lying spirit because it's a serpent, it's a piercing serpent. It's a lying spirit and is also responsible for false revelations.
I'm reading from the book of Revelations Chapter 12. The spirit shows up when destiny is about to be born. It either attempts to swallow it whole or it is going to divert it or sidetrack it. It's responsible for despair, for depression. It breaks the heart, it wounds the soul. What we are reading here in Revelations 12 is an abortion that he is trying to achieve. It's responsible for spiritual abortions. The Spirit of God call the name Leviathan earlier on, and when He called that name, the veil began to tear in this place over many people's lives, because it's a ruling spirit, it covers a land. It will identify anything that is bringing major force or influence to the land or anybody who has the potential to bring a major release, major force.
If you are in call or into any capacity of leadership, you've already met him, because the struggles, the depression. If you are prophetic in any way, you've already met him because when he comes, Jezebel is going to show up. If you experience constant emotional attack, constant emotional depression, constant heartbreak, you are in touch with him. But you see, the thing about this spirit is that it is very good at cloaking and shrouding itself so that when it stings, you don't even know what stung you. It's responsible for a lot of confusions, conflicts, misunderstanding, lies, lies that run very speedily to destroy lives and destinies before they are born. It's responsible for wholesale releases and attacks on people.
Do you wonder what was responsible for Job's attack? Do you wonder why God was talking to Job and talking about; can you bring up Leviathan out of the water? Because when you see wholesale flood come against you, guess who is at work! Hallelujah!
Revelations 12:4 says "And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered."
.stood before the woman. Listen to me, when the Church is about to give birth, when you are about to give birth to something significant, give birth to something `destiny', something that has to do with your call, when you are about to bring forth, when you are about to get very productive, if you are going to get very fruitful and multiply, you will face this guy. Amen! Because the woman was ready to deliver, she was ready to give birth and this dragon shows up, and he's no ordinary dragon, he's a ruler. He's no ordinary serpent, he's a ruler, he's a prince. He has seven heads, ten crowns, ten horns, which is rulership. This thing is not local to you. The depressions you experience, it's not just you. The sense of rejection you experience is not just you. The sense of isolation you experience that you feel like you are alone. You know everybody can be in this room and everybody can feel lonely as if they are on their own, in the middle of their own situation, in their dark corner. You see that's how it works. That's how this spirit works. It isolates you or at least give you the idea that you are isolated.
The impression, the full blast of a mentality that you are isolated significantly weakens you. But when the veil begins to return and you begin to realize that it's a strategy that cuts across and you are by no means the only one, you begin to get a sense that there is a pattern to this thing, and you are not alone. That sense alone helps strengthen your hope and your sense of faith and a sense of ability to survive, to understand that this thing is being orchestrated, so it may not be exactly what I am thinking, and that breaks the despair. Do you understand what I am saying?
Right now there is prevailing despair. There is a lot of despair in every way. This spirit is not afraid of the prophetic realm, it's not afraid of the church. It can enter the church and still operate with divination and the occult in the other realm, but it will show up when you begin to amount to something. When you begin to move towards amounting to something, he is going to show up, because he is ruler, he is a king; he feels the realm of rulership is his jurisdiction. If you attempt to begin to step into any kind of influence, you will meet the floods that come out of his mouth. You see what I am saying right now?
Look at that verse 4 again. ".and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered.", and you are going to be delivered of the destiny of God tonight. You are going to be delivered of the promise of God. You are going to be delivered (you are going to give birth - that's what I mean) of the prophecy hanging over your life. You are going to be delivered of the promise that God has given you. Say Amen!
(Rev 12:4) ".which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born".
So that's a spirit of abortion that attacks spiritual things as they are coming to birth so that they can put a foot wrongly and they can create all kinds of chaos to swallow up something that God is birthing before it ever even fully comes out. Amen and amen. So the reason why you are feeling the depression and the pressure is because you are approaching tipping point, you are approaching the point where you are going to produce something significant.
Several months back, the Spirit of God showed me that look, certain people who are about to pass through the gates of influence will experience certain kinds of difficulties, and it was a serpent that was causing it, that as soon as they want to pass through the gate, that serpent will rub on them and they are going to be entirely uncomfortable, and a lot of people were going to be shocked backwards. Why? Because he is trying to keep people from passing through the gate unto significant influence. I want you to know that the enemy is very bothered about somebody who legitimately accesses influence and authority. What we heard this morning said that everybody who is going to access influence, wealth, authority, rulership in this nation, has to make compromises with devils. The reason is because he is concerned. If we legitimately pass through the pathway to achieve the influence, the blessing, the prospering of God, it's going to be a whole lot of problem.
How many of you noticed that your finance experiences a whole lot of resistance? Some of you have called it process but what it actually is is warfare, and it's this particular spirit. Why? It's concerned about resources and wealth in the hands of the righteous, gotten legitimately. Do you understand? If he cannot buy you to a truce, a compromise, he will come with a flood. He came to Jesus in the wilderness and said, Ok, let's strike a deal: You bow before me, I give you the kingdoms of the earth. Jesus already knew that the kingdom was His, but He is going to pass through a legitimate pathway, a legitimate dealing and a legitimate process to access those things. Do you understand what I am saying? And the enemy could not deceive Him with the previous temptations and distractions; He was too strong on the Word. He was too strong in discernment.
Too many people are not strong enough on the Word to understand their pathway and how not to be diverted and too many people don't understand discernment strong enough to know when it is their soul talking or when it is the Holy Ghost talking, when it is their own spirit man talking or when it is some devils talking. Everybody has all kinds of dreams and. have you noticed? The whole terrains of Christians are washed with dreams and visions. Everybody has dreams and visions, and a lot of those dreams and visions, you will begin to wonder, how many of these, did all of these come from God? Let me tell you who is responsible for the mixture. It is this prevailing spirit that we are speaking about right now, because he loves to mix revelations. If he can't stop the outpouring of the prophetic, he is going to release his own stream of visions to create the confusion. Do you understand what I am saying?
So, God has asked us, He has commanded proficiency in the understanding of the Word. He has asked us to stop being foolish. they have even given foolish interpretation, they give extreme interpretation to words, to messages. They give extreme and stupid interpretations to visions and dreams that they have. Listen to me, the Holy Spirit has asked us to become proficient, to become skilled in the Word of God, so that we can divide asunder, we can separate between bone and marrow, between soul and spirit. Do you hear me?
A lot of people don't know the difference between their soul and their spirit. Some people say "something told me", but it's their soul. Some people say "I can't feel anything but.", they can't sense anything because their spirit is dead. How can you perceive anything when your altar is dry, when your flow is fed on the wrong thing. So you see all these myriads of revelation and dreams everywhere, everybody having dreams, everybody having visions. and you are wondering, which one is of God? Let me tell you, when you see that, what you are looking at is the mixture. Amen and amen!
But Jesus knew the Word too much for the enemy to suggest things and twist it in a particular direction and He knew the Spirit too much to allow him reveal anything and say, jump down because He had said, He will give His angels charge. A lot of people will interpret that to be the Holy Ghost, because he took Him to the pinnacle of the temple and quoted Scripture to Him. So Jesus was in the desert, He was at the height of forty days fast. Forty days fast! So you will think the devil cannot even get near, but that's when the devil came close and took Him on a journey and asked Him to jump down. took Him in the spirit to places and asked Him and He said, no this is not God! No that is not God, and He kept drawing the line of discernment. Do you understand what I am saying?
In the days of deception, the key weapon of God is discernment. The basis of discernment is the establishment of truth, and understanding. When you have understanding of truth, you have a platform for your discernment to operate. So the Holy Spirit has commanded that we become proficient in the understanding of the Word and He has asked us to perfect the cutting edge of discernment - how to know when to go, when to reach and when to stop, how to reach the point and not go too far, how to move and not stop just before the point. There must be discernment that gives us precision in the realm of the Spirit. And He's asking us to get proactive with our faith.
So you see, this guy. the Holy Spirit has said Leviathan should be cast down. He has declared a judgment and we are going to ask God to release that judgment, because a lot of people experience delay in finance, supply and delay in promises. Promises are coming to birth and then you see floods and all kinds of warfare switching on. That's what you are looking at here.
.for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.
Do you see what I am saying? Authority, influence and gates of power. When you are approaching anything like that, you begin to see certain kinds of things, certain kinds of flood.
And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days. (vs. 6)
A thousand, three hundred and threescore days is what? Three and a half years. That's spiritual timing and that's one thing a lot of people do not even understand - spiritual timing. Three and a half years is half of seven and you know from the Scriptures that God deals in seven-day cycles, seven-year cycles, seven-times-seven-year cycles into fiftieth year which you call Jubilee. And then some people will call 25 years `silver jubilee'. There is no such thing as silver jubilee. Jubilee is 7x7, 49 into the 50th year, and there is no diamond jubilee. Some people say if the fiftieth year is golden jubilee, then the sixtieth year is diamond jubilee. There is no diamond jubilee. Jubilee is not a secular word, Jubilee is prophetic timing from the sequence of sevens that have fulfilled themselves.
So this woman understands the timing. She knew it was time but she needed to wait for the right time, so she stayed three and a half years in anticipation of the seven years. How many years did Jesus' ministry run? Three and a half years! Do you know that was part of the seven-year period that was prophesied in Daniel? Hallelujah! So we must understand precision in timing. That's the last bit, because right now, sifting through visions and revelations is an issue. We have prophetic everywhere but we also this Leviathan on the loose. And we have everybody prophesying all manner of things - the good, the bad and the ugly. Amen and amen! And most people don't know when a gift has been hijacked by the demonic. Most gifts don't even know when they are operating on a platform that this kind of ruling spirit has set, such that when they finish manifesting their gift, the territory belongs to him eventually. So everything that is produced there, sooner or later, will land in his hands. And that's why, you see, we are doing our best to keep up with God to build with new shapes and with new wineskins because we want to build on things and foundations and patterns that he did not erect and design. So when we build a design that is outside of him he cannot understand it and he can't lay ownership to it.
Verse 5 .And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations.
You see, this is what this devil comes to contest. he is a ruler. Anybody who is going to amount to any kind of rule, you are going to meet with him, and that is already going on. And like I said, this spirit works with a Jezebel spirit that is a killer for power. If it cannot kill you for power, it's going to lure you away. And you see, these things operate with a cloak and don't let anyone see them, but the Holy Spirit is speaking about it and is unveiling it so that the covering can be removed, so that his veil can be totally removed and people's spirits can come forth.
When we begin to bind this spirit, we discover that finances begin to show up. When we begin to ask God's weapons to be released against it, we discover that things that were delayed begin to accelerate, things that God said would happen that were lingering, that he was resisting, blocking the way, from giving birth, we discover that those things begin to move forward. If you are experiencing any kind of delay in your life, you'd better join me and get wild with this spirit. The thing is that, like we said in the morning, he is experiencing uncoordinated attacks from believers. Only one, two, three, five or ten have prayed against him per time. So he can resist that, but he's pressing everybody. When he resists that and they come under pressure, they back down for a while and some other people get up and he comes on them too.
People discover that they come under pressure from time to time, and there is just minimum relief from time to time. Are you hearing me? What should happen is that the weapons of God should go to work to knock it down and knock it out of your pathway. You can give yourself an excuse to keep on roaming one spot forever, but I want you to know that that excuse did not come from God.
And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan. (Rev 12:7-9)
The meaning of Satan is what? Accuser! There are some accusations in the realm of the spirit that can be used to limit you, and there is a way brethren open their mouths that give voice to the accuser. When you see brethren attacking something that God is doing, it is the accuser speaking overhead and now expressing himself through them. The next thing is confusion, a lot of confusion.
".Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven." Rev. 12:7-8
That's where we need to be. Amen and amen!
Look at Isaiah 27:1. This is the decree that God made and there are weapons that God has prepared. God asked Job, do you know the storehouses of hailstones, where I have prepared the hailstones for the day of battle? You are going to stand up now as we read this verse and you are going to ask for the weapons of God to go to war against this prevailing spirit, this ruling spirit that blocks the pathway, that causes delay, that. when some people are waiting for something, they start getting false revelations and start having funny dreams, the kind of dreams that confuses them more than it gives direction. Amen and amen.
When the Holy Spirit speaks, there's that clarity, that sharp cutting edge. Some people will see visions and never have that kind of cutting edge. You know what is at work? It's the veil, it's this Leviathan, and he will project things, he will release things from the demonic realm, cast clouds over true movings of God, come to release people that God ordained to enter into significant things. You see what he did against that woman? He released a flood against her. If you want to see that, that's in verse 15:
"And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood." (Revelation 12:15).
How many of you noticed you are approaching something significant in your life and trouble just starts, confusion just starts? You know who it is? It is the serpent releasing a flood. Flood may not be water entering this place. Flood is trouble, chaos, things going out of control. Flood is a wind, a storm that comes against you, especially when you thought you were approaching something. how many of you can feel me? .releases a flood to get you. By the time he is done, your emotions are shut and blown away. You are more wounded and confused.
Remember Elijah! He brought down fire, but after he brought down fire, one woman - `one woman' - spoke a word that drove him into the wilderness. That's how it operates. Somebody with a stinging tongue will now say something that will just blow you away like your aircraft was blown out of the sky. That's the flood. You see what happened there, verse 16 says:
"And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth." (Revelation 12:16).
You see, there are unique kinds of weapons at this level of release. When you are going to the place of fulfillment of prophecy you need to employ certain kind of weapons. Another kind of weapon is the one that we are going to read in Isaiah 27. You see, he released a flood. you find out that the whole earth is reacting against you, even animals. Dogs bark extra when you are around. In the night, dogs are barking, birds are singing, it's a circus outside of your window. Guess who is at work! They are trying to keep something from being birthed in your life. The point is: you either are neutralized or you remain insignificant, you remain sterile, you never give birth to anything God ordained, the promises never come to pass. You see what I am saying?
If the enemy can't strike a truce with you and say, settle with me so that when you get to power you'll give me my share. If you don't agree he will go and release a flood, release confusions, release false alarm. There are false alarms. There is alarm, but it is false. The reason for that alarm is just to confuse you and to stop you.
And that's why sometimes you are praying and it's as if you are hearing two different things. You begin to see trouble and then you pray again and come to another side and you sense peace, it is well. Then you enter this way and you see confusion and you are like, Ah! It's going to finish now, then you're here and it's like, you are ok, keep on going. And you are wondering who is talking.
Your discernment must get to the point, at this level with the storm blowing, your discernment must be able to separate the dividing lines. Amen and amen! We are going to ask for the weapons of God. So now you can go back to that Isaiah 27:1. He says:
"In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan." (Isaiah
Say Amen! You know what we are doing? We are executing the judgment written. This one has already been written. You see, when you pray alone, don't go after this spirit alone! You go to God to release His weapons against him, because he is a ruler, rules kingdoms and nations. So, anything that looks like he is going to take kingdom from him, take influence, take wealth, he's going to show up, because he is aggressive, he is not happy with it at all. Amen and amen!
The moment you begin to rise and show some promises, he will come after you. He will send wiles, temptations, deceptions and confusions. If you are not strong, if you are not careful you won't know which is which. Amen and amen. It is time to stop confusion. You need to talk to confusion and command it to stop. You ask the hailstones of God, the earth, the rocks of the earth to rise and kick against the flood. Let the confusion come down first. When God saw that the earth was without form, and void, and everywhere was dark, He said, first of all let there be light. let's even know where we are at, let's know where we are not. And then he caused a separation between the waters of the firmament and the waters of the deep. Do you understand what I am saying? He began to draw boundaries.
There is so much going on in some people's spirits they don't know where the boundaries are. They don't know which one is God, which is the devil and which is them. That's not a place to be. You need to command the chaos to stop, because right now, several things are talking to you at the same time. Do you know why? You are getting into places where real forces and influence begin to be released, and you need to command the storm to be still. When Jesus was coming on the storm from the mountain after ministering with His disciples, they were in the ship, Jesus got up and rebuked the storm, and the Bible says there was a great calm. When they got to the other side, there was a Gadarene demoniac. Is that not so? And he ran towards them. How did he know Jesus was coming? This is the same spirit that dwelt among the tombs, meaning he was a spirit of death, and that's what he was trying to cause on the high sea - death. He wanted to capsize their boat. He sent a storm their way.
He knew they were coming. So as soon as they landed, the people he was trying to get did not die, so he ran towards them. When they asked him his name, do you know he described a rank? He said my name is Legion, because we are many. A Roman legion can be anywhere from between three to six thousand soldiers plus horsemen, so specialists that carry battering rams and weapons that destroy in wars. So that man was carrying a whole realm of demonic fortification. That was what was causing the storm on the sea. When a person has three to six thousand soldiers under him, he is a ruler. So when he saw the Ruler approaching, he had to do something because his territory was about to be taken.
So you see, it is the same pattern of things that you are looking at. When you see those floods, you need to now ask God's weapons to be loosed. I can see rocks falling in this place. I see hailstones falling in this place. You need to begin to ask God to bring out His sword, His sharp, long, strong, piercing sword, and ask Him to send it against that Leviathan spirit. You need to begin to ask Him to send the hailstones, send to earth to go to war, send the trees to war the way the trees fought for David. Do you understand what I am saying? And the Bible says, it came to pass that the wood slew more people than the edge of the sword. What you are looking at, at that point in time, is cosmic warfare. This is a star. The Bible says in Revelations that it brought one-third of the stars down with its tail.
You know what Deborah said? Deborah said the stars in heaven fought against Sisera, and then the ancient river. he can cause rivers and floods to move against you because he is coming from the stars, and when you too begin to ask the stars of God to move into action, the host of God's heaven to move into action, you will begin to see that another flood rises against the enemy that counters its own flood. Do you see what I am saying?
This is in the book of Revelations. A beast came that threw down a star, now he's talking about the church giving birth to the man child that will rule the nations. Do you know that's a group of people within the church that God is releasing a high level of authority to? The Bible says, out of Zion the Lord will fashion the rod of thy strength; rule thou in the midst of thine enemies. So inside Zion, inside the Body of Christ, inside the Church, God is fashioning a rod of authority. So there are a company of people inside the church that God is fashioning into rulership, into authority, but they are going to rule in the midst of their enemies. So that's the same man child that this woman, the body of Christ is giving birth to - a company of people that are going to operate from the heavenlies. They are going to be caught up. There are going to be a corporate manifestation. because Jesus is already born, He's already gone to heaven before the book of Revelations, but there is another body, another group of people that will carry that realm of His rulership that He is giving birth to. and the dragon is going to come too, and that's what is happening right now.
He is giving birth to some of you. He is birthing you, delivering you into things, and the floods are beginning to come. But you see, I am here telling you that there are weapons God designed against the flood that He now wants you and I to employ.
In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea. (Isa 27:1)
He is in the sea, that means he rules the multitudes of nations. Sea in the Bible is symbolic for many people, many nations, influence of authority to save souls, to heal the sick, to bring up ministries, to have wealth to change things, and we need to ask. stand on your feet.
We need to ask God. Joshua asked the sun and the moon to stand still. David prayed and the wood began to fight. God told Joshua to pray and God cast down hailstones, and you see as hailstones fell, the Bible says the hailstones slew more. When you see stars, stars rule. Stars is where rulership is at. So when the stars come down, there is another level of warfare that is in operation. It's called cosmic warfare, and that is what Deborah understood and said the stars fought and then the river began to rise. It's the same thing that David understood that the wood began to rise. It's the same thing that Joshua understood, talking to the sun and moon and then hailstones began to function. Thank you heavenly Father.
The Spirit of God is saying the delay is Leviathan - The reoccurring wounds, the reoccurring broken hearts, the reoccurring sting, the reoccurring confusion. The Bible says he is like a bar, a crowbar that crosses the nation. He pervades, he inputs himself everywhere so that nobody can pass. Lift your hands and say, I will pass! I will break through! I will break forth! I will tear down! I will break out1 I will break through! I will pass over! I will leap over! I will surmount! I will overcome.
Listen to me, He says it's leviathan. Right now we are going to ask for the archers of God. We are going to ask for the chariots of God and the horsemen thereof. There was a man that knew how to break resistance. His name was Elisha and he was surrounded by the horsemen and fire. We are going to ask for the host of heaven. You'll ask for the horsemen of God.
"Father, we ask for the horsemen, we ask for the chariots, we ask for the chariots for the fire. Bring forth the sword, the strong, sore sword. Bring forth the arm. Bring down the serpent's head. We ask for the chariots, we ask for the fire. We ask for the horsemen, the host of the stars of God. We ask for the fire, the hailstone, the river, the ancient river to wash them away. Father we ask for the judgment of heaven against Leviathan. We bring him to the courts of heaven. We say he has wounded many. He has confused, deceived, struck and has even killed many. He has aborted many births. He is releasing false vision, he is releasing out a storm. He is fighting against your purpose. We bring him to the court of heaven. Father we ask for deliverance from this dragon, from this spirit that says, `Delay, delay them until they are frustrated, destroy, destroy! Let not that which is theirs come forth'.
"Lord we bring him to the courts of heaven. We ask You Lord, make Your hand strong. Make Your purpose strong. We ask for sevenfold return. Bring Your sword against Leviathan. Bring Your fire against Jezebel. Bring Your sword. let the star arise! Let the hosts arise!
"We ask for the archers, we ask for the chariots, we call for the hailstones, the hailstones of God. We ask for the hosts, the starry hosts. We ask for the armor, the armor of God.
"Ask God to judge that spirit that says the righteous will not advance into influence. That says `you will submit to me or you will perish'. That says `you must join the occult, you must compromise, lie, steal and cheat before you come into any form of influence'.
"We ask for the cherubs, the seraphs, the fire, the chariots of fire. We ask for the heaven stars, the angels, the river, the River Kishon to wash them away. We ask for the archers, we ask for the carpenters. We ask for the sword, the mighty sword of the Lord. Punish leviathan. Father punish this spirit that says Your children will not pass through the gate. Punish this spirit. Lord bring forth Your judgment. Disjoint the evil web, the web of deception, the web of lies. We ask for the archers. We ask for the swordsmen, the heavenly host to go to war. We ask for the spearmen. Come forth, the carpenters! We ask for the watchers, the watchers of God.
"If your emotion is being destroyed, you need to ask right now for the host of heaven, for the chariots of God to build a shield around you. If the fear is overwhelming in your mind and heart, you need to ask for the hailstones of God, because this spirit will not allow you to see road. He will tell you it is impossible and you will believe it. He will tell you there is no solution and you will accept it. He delights in overwhelming you with a flood, a flood that swallows you and carries you away so you don't think you can ever survive, you don't think you can come out. If your mind is broken, if your spirit is confused, you need to ask God to judge leviathan, to cast down hailstones, to bring forth His sword. If your emotion is in turmoil, you need to ask God to kill and cast down Jezebel. If the temptation is overwhelming, then you need to ask God to kill the serpent, to cast down hailstones. If the pressure is too much, if the despair is too much, you need to ask God to punish the head, to break the head of leviathan.
Look at Job chapter 3. Verse 7 says:
7. Lo, let that night be solitary [lonely nights], let no joyful voice come therein [no joy, no happiness, no fulfilment].
8. Let them curse it that curse the day, who are ready to raise up their mourning.
That's King James. In the literal translation, the word `their' is leviathan. continual mourning, sadness, heartbreak, depression. it's leviathan.
9. Let the stars of the twilight thereof be dark; let it look for light, but have none; neither let it see the dawning of the day.
The day dawns, if something good happens, you don't even get to see it because you are too depressed to even see the good things that are happening around you. You know who you are dealing with? You are not yourself again. It's not the situation. It's a force. It's leviathan. He doesn't allow you see morning, it doesn't allow you see daylight. When good things are happening, you can't even recognize it and follow it through.
Look at Psalms 74:14.
"Thou brakest the heads of leviathan in pieces." Say Amen. You have to write this down. This has to become a constant prayer among us, because too many people are operating in isolation against this spirit, so the despair is strong. The quiet mourning crying and depression. it's too much. But you see there is a judgment written. .with the high praises of God on our lips and the two-edged sword in our hands, to execute the judgment written, to bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron.
This leviathan has been judged. We are just going to announce heaven's judgment. So you will write it down and take it home, and a lot of people need to be asking God for this judgment.
"Thou brakest the heads of leviathan in pieces, and gavest him to be meat to the people inhabiting the wilderness." (Psalm 74:14).
Shout Amen!
The people that have been kept in the wilderness roaming and roaming, never coming out into the promise. The calling, fulfillment, the answer, constantly delayed. the judgment here says that God will break his heads with that sword and give him to us to be meat. Lift your voice and say Amen!
We are going to ask God again: send judgment on this spirit, this same judgment that has been written. Announce it to God in the courts of heaven and say God, we bring him to court. This is the judgment written. These are his atrocities. So many believers deceived, having dreams that are deluding them, creating constant mourning, constant heartbreak. We want it no more. If you want it no more you need to lift your hands and say, Father send Your sword. Bring forth this judgment. This constant heartbreak is coming to an end.
We ask for the horsemen, we ask for the chariots, we ask for the archers, the archers of God. We ask for the hailstones, we call the stars to fight. We call the rocks: come forth and swallow the flood. Bring down Jezebel. Cast down Jezebel. Wipe out the serpent, the leviathan. Break his curse, the curse of mourning, of crying. that says there will be no dawn. That's not what the Bible says. It says, weeping may endure for the night but joy will come at dawn, joy will come in the morning, but leviathan says `morning will never come. If dawn comes you will not see it'. We say Lord, break the head of the dragon that is in the sea. Let cosmic movements move against him.
The Bible says Michael fought against him as the woman prayed against him and the saints overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word their testimonies. They refuse his accusations because he is the dragon, he is the devil, he is the accuser. But they overcame him by the word of their testimonies and by the blood of the Lamb.
"We ask: come O sword! The judgments of God are written and released against leviathan. Father, let him be broken. Let him become meat for us. Let his deceptions, clouds and confusion be blown away."
"Thank You Lord. confusion. The veil of confusion must be torn. Fake revelation. False revelation. Emotional trauma. Wounds that will never heal. We cast out that devil in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank You heavenly Father. We break the delay, the lies, the doubt, the poison, poisoned lies. it spreads everywhere. Poisons everybody's heart. Forces people to be poisoned against each other.
He will die this week. Leviathan will die. The sword of the Lord is slaying him. The sword of the Lord has slain him. All the poison must now go away. Fake dreams, fake visions, fake preaching, fake governments, controlling governments must be broken. Every controlling spirit, ruling spirit, Father bring judgment against them. Thank You Holy Ghost. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Hallelujah!"
You know the Holy Ghost wanted us to unveil, to remove the shroud, the cloak on something that has been operational for a long time, because if he can't deceive you he will tempt you. And when he tempts you, if you fail he will go and accuse you. They call him the serpent, the dragon, the devil, the accuser and the deceiver. The book of Job talks a lot about. Can you see the things that are coming out of his tongue? False, crazy utterance. Lights a wrong fire. It's been going on. You've all felt it. You didn't know what it was. Amen and amen!
Make sure you are not isolated in confronting this thing. Make sure you ask God day and night because it's this same spirit that says unless you join the occult you can't become anything. Unless you pay bribe, unless you bow down, you can't become anything. If you are even going to follow the right pathway, that he will still show up with a flood. It's time to call him to the court of heaven and say, `Father this is iniquity. This is wickedness. Put milestone of lead on his head and cast him out'. Too many people with things that they are seeing that never come to pass. It's too much. He blurs discernment. He confuses what is wheat and what is chaff. you can't tell again. And he has gone too far. It's time for this cry to go up. Amen and amen.
Lift your hands and thank Him for His justice, for His judgment. For He is good and His mercies endure forever. It's leviathan that is the Pharaoic spirit. If you look at the crown of Pharaoh you will see a cobra (a snake) on his head. That is the snake that kept them bound in Egypt. That's why when Moses got there, he released a snake that swallowed up their own snake. so that the brazen serpent will announce the judgment of the other serpent.

Thank You Holy Ghost. We give You praise. Thank You for Your justice, for delivering us from this Pharaoic spirit, for going to war on behalf of your saints. Blessed be Your holy name. In Jesus mighty name.

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