Monday, March 14, 2016

BEWARE! by Doug MacCallum

This is the definition of the verb "Beware" from Online Etymology:
"c. 1200, probably a contraction of be ware "be wary," from Middle English ware (adj.), from Old English wær "prudent, aware, alert, wary" (see wary). Old English had the compound bewarian "to defend," which perhaps contributed to the word."
>Wary: late 15c., with -y (2) + ware, from Old English wær "prudent, aware, alert, wary," from Proto-Germanic *waraz (cognates: Old Norse varr "attentive," Gothic wars "cautious," Old Saxon giwar, Middle Dutch gheware, Old High German giwar, German gewahr "aware"), from PIE root *wer- (4) "to perceive, watch out for"
I received this word from the Lord early morning, 3/11/16, while driving home from the interior of BC Canada.
"Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. They are among The Flock to destroy them. Arm yourselves with My Word, The Sword of The Spirit, to defend My Truth and destroy the works of the enemy. His ways are lies and deception. Be on guard and stay vigilant in My Spirit. Arm yourselves with all I have provided. Sharpen, hone, and polish My Sword that I have placed at your disposal. Remember, the weapons of Our warfare are not of your Earthly realm. Do not rely on what is seen. I AM, and WILL, require more Faith from my people. Are you prepared for The Life of Faith, totally dependent on Me?! That is what will be necessary for the days ahead. How can you walk and proceed in darkness without The Light? My Word and Spirit will illuminate My path for each of you. You must hear my Voice in the days ahead. By The Power of My Spirit, you will be able to tune out the great demonic harmonic that is coming!
Prepare yourselves now while there is still some Light. Cry to Me, call to Me, and I Will answer those who are of an upright heart. If you knock and seek, you will find. Is that not Faith in action. Do not waste your time on the frivolous. Redeem the time while there is time. I have held the enemy back from your nation(USA) as a whole, but his hour to execute his plan in your country(USA) and the rest of the nations is about to begin.
Remember, I have everything under control. My Bride will truly find Me Faithful in the days ahead. But, for those who will continue to live in doubt and fear will only find that(doubt and fear) to increase. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. But My People will find me to be an Immovable Rock and a Sure Foundation to stand on.
SHAKING, SHAKING, SHAKING! SHAKING on all that can be shaken! Storms, tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes, drought, famine, disease, and the demonic armies, will be unleashed as never before. This is to awaken those who will not hear and listen to Me now! Many will awaken as one revived from the dead. But, even more will continue to remain as they are, dull, stiff necked, and rebellious. My judgments on the Earth will only continue and increase, for some will finally come to their senses and repent.
I AM The Creator of the Universe! I AM The LIFE and all things were created by Me and through My Son. We desire LIFE for all mankind and that none would be damned for Eternity. Our cry, as in the beginning, is Choose My LIFE, My WAYS, that are only found in My TRUTH!
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