Friday, March 11, 2016

I Saw A Drum: "Lead the Nations to ME!" by Victoria Boyson

In the Spirit, I saw a very large, ancient tribal-drum. Draped in animal hide and fastened with strips of leather securing it around its edges, it stood about five feet tall and as wide as it was tall.

Beaten by invisible hands holding large wooden sticks engraved with unrecognizable symbols, gigantic  wooden drum tips wrapped in leather struck it again and again. The sound it made filled the atmosphere and seemed to demand attention from every living creature around.

On the drum was what looked like pieces of an enormous puzzle scattered across its surface. I understood that each puzzle piece represented different aspects of Christianity from all races and demographics of society. I saw Catholic pieces, Lutheran pieces, Pentecostal pieces, Word of Faith pieces, etc. People from ALL different types of faiths in Christ were represented.

As the drum sticks beat down on the drum, the pieces of the puzzle jumped and flew into the air. It soon became clear to me that, although it seemed like the beating of the drum brought chaos, there was actually a grand design being created through it.

When the pieces jumped, they flew and banged against each other. This damaged some of them, but not badly; inevitably, it just made them more pliable. The pieces screamed out in fear because they did not understand what was happening. But, in time, they ceased because they were tired of screaming and fearing. Instead, they actually began to enjoy it.

Eventually for some, those pieces (people) different from them, which they'd previously feared, became friends and comrades, because they'd experienced the shaking together. The lines of doctrine and philosophy seemed to fade into the background with every strike against the leather as Jesus became more prominent in each heart.

I saw the puzzle was beginning to take on a new shape. All the pieces that previously looked like they could never work together, did somehow.

Then, I saw all around the drum were Native Americans. They were dancing around it and crying out to God. They had dirty, tear-stained faces because they were giving birth to something in the Spirit realm.

They cried to heaven and wailed to the Father, "Bring us together, Father! Make us one with your SON!"

I watched as they they picked up handfuls of dirt of their native soil and held it up to God as an offering and dedicated it to Him. They would say to Him, "You gave us this land, Father, but now we give it back to YOU!"

So, I cried with my people, saying "Bring us all together, Father! Make us one in your SON!"

Lead Them to ME!
Then the Father spoke to me and said, "MY Native American sons and daughters, I call you out of hiding - I NEED YOU NOW!

"I will make you again the great warriors you once were, but this time you will fight for Me. You will call to Me to heal your land and I will hear you. You will call to all the nations of your land and you will unite them under the standard of My Son.

"Through Christ, in Christ and with Christ you will strengthen My people. As you lift up my Son, I will make you great and powerful again. I will make you, by far, much, much greater than you were in the past. You will make a new history for yourselves - a victorious history.

"Lift your heads up and look to My Son and LEAD the nations to ME!" says the Lord.

Small Percentage Does Not Disqualify
Recently, the Father kept speaking to me about my great-great-grandfather Henry Kaufman. He's a relative I know very little about, only that he was half Irish and half Native American. As a kid I always thought it was "cool" that I was related to him, which pleased my grandma a lot.

I have never considered myself Native American due to my overwhelming Scandinavian heritage, but God kept speaking to me again and again that the Native American people were truly my people. And even though I have only a small portion of their blood flowing through me, their heart is definitely with me.

So, as the Father was calling the Native Americans to arise and claim this land back for Him, He was also calling me and countless others like me who have even a small claim to it.

It doesn't matter how little Native American blood you have, to God there's no cut-off percentage like there may be with man. So many thousands have native heritage in their background. It is a blessing from God and we need to claim it as ours - there's power in it.

So, in Christ's name, I claim the heritage given to my ancestors hundreds of years ago. I claim the nation formed from their blood and from the blood of the Christians settlers who died to build it up and for those who fought for its safety for generations.

I stand for them and declare THIS LAND IS MY LAND AND I GIVE IT TO MY JESUS!!!


I call to my native brothers and sisters and say: Rise up! God is calling you to ARISE! For such a time as this, He's held you for this hour. Call this nation back to Jesus! And you WILL see a VICTORY!
"Lift your heads up and look to My Son and LEAD the nations to ME!" says the Lord.

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