Friday, February 26, 2016

Not A Stream, Not A River, But A Flood Of God’s Favor! by Dana Jarvis

The Lord gave me a dream last night. In this dream I looked out a window and I saw a flood coming down the street. It was flowing steadily and quickly as I watched it. A couple minutes later, I looked out the window again to see where the flood waters were which I was now expecting it to have covered everything in sight, but the water was gone just as suddenly as it came. I pondered this dream much of the morning until the Lord revealed to me the meaning and the Word he has for you this morning.
Conditions are ripe for flooding. Just as water gets out of its normal boundaries, as it overflows and increases in such a way that the small streams and bayous become so overwhelmed. I hear the Lord say, “There is about to be a flood in your life, not with water, but You are going to see a flood of My goodness. You shall see opportunity, healing, breakthroughs, to where you are overwhelmed with My favor. It will rise and increase beyond your expectations and immediately put you into overflow!”
David likened God’s power to a flood. He was saying when God shows up, it’s going to be like a flood of favor, strength, good breaks. Think of how powerful the water is in a flood. Three to four feet of water sweeping homes and vehicles away in its current. Nothing can stop the force of that water. Well the Lord is getting ready to burst through like a raging flood onto the scene of your situation. You may have obstacles that look impossible to overcome, dreams that look unattainable, but when God releases a flood of His power, nothing will be able to stop you. Sickness will not stand a chance in the face of this flood, opportunities will seek you out, divine favor shall be released in every area of your life. The tidal wave he is releasing is not only going to bring you out, but bring you out even better than you were before. All through the day, when you’re tempted to worry and find yourself frustrated, switch over into faith and say, “Lord, thank You for a flood of Your favor. God, I know I am in the palm of Your hand. Lord, I just wanna thank You in advance that You are releasing a flood of Your power that will suddenly turn this around.”
Get ready, not for a trickle, or a stream, or a river, but a flood of God’s favor, a tidal wave of God’s goodness, a tsunami of His increase. God is going to take you to a level that you have never been before. It’s going to be unprecedented. Just as the part in my dream where the flood waters so quickly were gone. I hear the Lord say for you, “It is just a matter of time before it shows up. When it does, You are going to go further quicker than you have ever dreamed. Just as the flood waters dissipated so quickly, that is how quick it shall be!”
I see some of you right now in my Spirit that will be just like David. When the Lord bursts through like a raging flood, I can hear your shouts right now. God did it! God did it! Everything I been waiting for and praying for and standing in that gap for! God Did It!!

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