Monday, February 29, 2016

You need to STOP and smell the garbage! by Jim Hammerle

So many are thinking about stopping long enough to smell the roses, but if you smelled what I smell, it would break your heart.  
I smell the garbage that has been dumped into the lives of children and adolescents alike especially in the west.  The garbage of hypocrisy and double standards smells to high heaven where I sit.
The youth think I have put the garbage there and they blame Me for the stink of the lukewarm church, Isaiah 3:24.  They don’t know I will spit these people out of My mouth.  I am going to visit My Kingdom citizens to place a burden on you as you feel the pain of the young.  It is impossible to trust a hypocrite, so the youth have no trust in their parents, or preachers, when they see a duel lifestyle.
You have no idea the earthshaking effect it has on a young person, as they watch parents talk one thing and live the opposite.  Then when they see preachers and evangelist doing it, their hearts turn to stone.
They first experience resentment and then bitterness and anger toward even the mention of of My name, saying, “don’t give me that God stuff!”.  They then deliberately go the opposite direction to spite the two faced parents and preachers.
I AM searching the land for those who will lay down their lives and do four things:
  • First –  smell what the youth are smelling, and let it make you sick.
  • Second –  openly rebuke the hypocrisy whenever you see it.
  • Third –  show them the real deal walking and talking only kingdom life!
  • Forth –  gently Love them back to Me.
Once you smell what they have been smelling for years, you will never preach at them again.  They think the smell is coming from heaven, when it’s actually coming from hell.
When your heart breaks with Mine over their condition, you too will say, “it were better for the hypocrite, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea, than to offend one of these who used to believe,”  Matthew 18:6.
The next time I lead a young person to you, do not brush them off, stop and listen intently to them and it will break your heart, when you smell and hear the garbage that has been fed to them!

Jim Hammerle

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