Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Apokalypsis of Jesus by Doug MacCallum

Received 2/12/16
I have waited a long time for my Plan to be fulfilled. The Hour is upon you. I have extended My Grace and Mercy throughout the ages and especially to this generation, for I desire all to come into My Fold, but the blood of the Innocent cries for My Justice and The Hour for Me to avenge them is now come.
Those who have heard My Voice have prepared themselves in Me, for there is True Safety. Those who have disregarded My pleas through My Watchmen will find themselves in great turmoil and fear. BEWARE, I SAY, BEWARE, for if those who have not listened to My warnings, and continue to not obey My Truth, and lean on the arm of flesh, will find their hearts harder to be persuaded to the Truth of My Word. Indeed, they will turn cold and hard just as the World is. If you choose to follow the persuasion of the World, the World you shall have. The adversary pleads his case for your souls. I have held back from allowing him to fully take you for some time. Now, I must allow him to have greater access to you and your lives!
The question is, will you continue to reject My Plan for you, (taking up The Cross and following Me), succumbing to Satan's deception, or, will you, under his affliction, cry out to Me for forgiveness? I will not extinguish a smoking wick! If you cry out to Me with a true heart of repentance, I will come to you.
I have created all men with a free will to chose Light or Darkness, Truth or Lies. Blessed is the man who walks in My Ways, but woe to him that lives according to his own folly.
My people who are yielding to Me and My Ways, them will I empower with My Spirit and Attributes. My people will need all that I have for them to discern between My True Light and the enemy's great deception that he is about to unveil. Just as My Word declares My Apokalypsis, so the great pretender will have his.
My Armies stand at the ready. I will delegate My Authority to those I AM preparing and raising up to be My Commanders of The Host! They, My Generals, will have My Mind and Heart to properly command My Great Power. My Generals have trained and readied themselves to hear My Voice and obey!
Some of you I have called to be in this Company of Leaders. You heard My Voice, but have not obeyed, so, you have lost this commission. Obedience IS the great sacrifice and display of love to Me. But those who have heard and obeyed will be given My Great Directives as the battle ensues.
As precisely the human body, that I created, functions day in and day out, so My Body will also operate. The rest of My people, who are not the outward leaders and Generals, will also play an equally as important role and function of My Body. Remember, the least of you, in the eyes of man, shall be great and given greater honor! Did I not first come to serve? Does not My Blood flow through all the members of My Body? Remember, without Me you cannot do anything!
But for anyone to be members of My Body, My Choice One, The True Called Out Ones, you have understood this, and have embraced My specific Call and Plan for each of you, fitly joined together, connected to My Headship, One in Me and The Father.
The Breath, My Great Breath of My Holy Spirit, is about to fully bring Life into My Body. In the past, and until this present age, I have infused My people with increments of My Spirit because their garments were not yet ready to hold the Former and Latter Rain together. But in this Hour The Bride is making Herself ready with Her Righteous acts and She will be able to contain My Fullness without measure! Because She has freely given Herself, I will freely AND abundantly give of Myself to and through Her, for My Delight is in Her!
Beloved, the eye has not seen, nor the ear heard, that which I have prepared for those that love Me, but, I shall be revealed, apokalypto, through My Spirit, to and through those you have yielded to Me, says YAHWEH!
Mt 22:1-14 "Many are called but few are chosen."

Ps 45:1-14 "all Glorious within"

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