Sunday, February 21, 2016

Your Lazarus's will Live Again by Lonnie Mackley

I have felt your pain and heard your cries in the night as you have grieved over all that has seemingly died in your life. You saw everything that you held dear and hoped for seemingly dashed to pieces before your very eyes. But I would tell you this day that I am the God of resurrection, and I bring new life from that which seemed dead. Look to Me now and trust Me to bring back to life all that I have given you, nothing shall be lost.
It has been good that these things that you love and hold so dear have left you for a season because you held on too tightly to some of them, and they competed for attention and prominence with Me. You had to see that your life would go on without them, and that all you need in life is found exclusively through Me. You had to see that I can control and manage all things, and that you can trust Me with all that which you love.
Now as I bring these things back to life, I would have you hold onto them lightly. For all things dwell in My hands, and they are mine to give life to, or remove life from. I cause things and people to be attracted, or be repelled, according to my good purposes and plans. Trust Me that what lives in your life is by My doing, and what is taken from your life is also decided by Me. And know that My motives are always good in everything I do concerning you.
Even as Lazarus was brought back to life and there was great joy, even so it will be with you as you see your Lazarus's brought back to life, and great will be the faith it creates in yourself and in others who witness it. I even allowed your family, friends, and others to witness the death of these things, so that they could witness them being brought back to life. They will surely know that I am the God that lives, and they will believe that I bring new life, from death.
JN 11:40 Then Jesus said, "Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?"

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