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Reliable Communication Permits Progress by Clay Sikes

While none of us will agree on all things, I begin this writing with something I believe we can all agree: ‘Time’ is potentially a great teacher and a great revealer. It can be our enemy or our friend. It cannot and will not stop; but can, if we understand its purpose, present truth. God designed us to live in ‘time’ during our stay upon earth. If my understanding is correct, the next stop will not be so oriented to this barometer called ‘time;’ however, for now it is a factor and a major one at that. If God did indeed design ‘time’ for His (and our) earthly endeavors, we must begin to give credence to its effect upon our lives, and great value to what it reveals. ‘Time’ has been shouting at me prophetically, and thus I wish to share some past observations that, I think, will heavily influence our future. I ask you to test this by the Spirit. If there is a measure of truth use it; if not, can it; but allow your past to speak to your future!
The older I get and the longer I have walked with God, the more time I can claim in “walking in the Spirit.” When I walk with God I am walking in His Kingdom upon earth – peace, righteousness, and joy in the Holy Spirit. The more I walk in the Spirit the less tolerance I have for ‘the flesh, or the letter of the law.’ Time has revealed that both these orientations bring death, and both are rooted in the origins of choice. In the early years I tried to fight the urgings of the flesh with ‘the letter of the law,’ and sin gained strength. Wow, “I cannot even be a good Christian!” I thought. Time later revealed that only through the Spirit, not by my power or might, would I receive the victory. In and of my own self, I could do nothing (John 5:30). This simple truth took years to learn – time! I could state many other examples of time’s effect upon my life with God, as this phenomenon is prevalent throughout the true Body of Christ. In concluding this thought however, it is my simple belief that ‘time’ with God will produce life and it more abundantly, while time absent of God will produce death. A heavenly life begins on earth when we die (to self); and strangely, the more death, the more life! So as I age, and come closer to physical death, so too do I yearn to die (more to self) that I might truly live during my remaining time upon earth.
Through the process of time I have recognized that relative “few” walk the “narrow path,” in living the life of one who has overcome. However, through time I have gain insight to those who have. Those who are ‘overcomers’ know that life in God begins with the blood and ends with a testimony (Revelation 12:11). When it is all said and done, when life is over, the only thing remaining is the testimony of our life. I have also recognized that those with a ‘testimony full of life’ are also those with a ‘life full of testimony.’ Those walking in overcoming power didn’t just get there; their Christian life is a testament of God’s divine interference.
Sadly, I have also recognized two kinds of leaders in the Body of Christ today – those with a testimony and those with a doctrine. In my own life I have learned that circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him to himself. Crisis produces reality, and time has taught me that no man lead me where he himself has never been. Thus, time has caused another fact to emerge – those with a testimony have an anointed edge over those with a doctrine.
The word made flesh is the soundest doctrine on earth; hence when doctrine and testimony are one in the same we can confidently give ear to what we hear. When this is not the case beware! There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15). If one’s ‘talk’ and ‘walk’ are not one in the same beware! A true man of God will always point you to Jesus, while a false one will point you to himself (his church, his programs, his doctrine, his ways). One of the greatest perversions in the so-called Church today is the fact that many who have never learned to be “Sons” (Romans 8:14) represent themselves as Spiritual Fathers. Can any real reliable communication come from this arrangement?
The highest form of communication in the earth today is spirit to spirit; from God’s Spirit to our spirit. When this communication is acted upon it produces a testimony – the life, power, and evidence of God in human form. God’s words to us are Spirit and they produce life (John 6:63). The abundance of God (John 10:10) is impossible without the word of God (John 6:63). Faith comes by hearing, and no man can have faith for what he has not heard God say; but when God speaks we have a new hope, which becomes the blueprint of our faith, which, when released, produces in the physical realm in which we live. I have seen this operate time and time again. I do not speak from conjecture or theory, or even from an understanding of the scriptures, but rather from my own now numerous personal experiences – testimony upon testimony!
The more word we hear and act upon, the more testimony we have, and the more able we are to communicate from our spirit to the spirit of another. This is the atmosphere of true impartation, and true impartation is life changing. Peter ‘imparted’ to the beggar when he said, “God and silver have I none, but such as I have I give thee; stand up and walk.” The beggar had not listened to the latest teaching tapes on healing, and I am not denigrating teaching tapes here, simply making a point; and the point is impartation changes lives. Alcoholic’s Anonymous has learned this important form of communication as their meetings are led by former alcoholics who have overcome the rigors of alcohol. Testimony gives hope.
True testimony begins when God’s word meets our life and we act on it. A true measure of Kingdom dynamics is IMPARTATION; the ability to speak or receive a life changing word. The most likely place to find a life changing word is from one in whom the word has been made flesh; one who is walking what he is talking. And while no man’s life should become ‘law’ for us, a confirming witness within will either bear witness with someone or it will not. Make no mistake about it; this witness cannot be duplicated by the devil or any man’s silver tongue. With some exceptions, the true ecclesia is becoming keenly aware of those who simply tickle ears, and those who impart truth.
It is important to note that we can have a testimony of God’s overcoming power in a number of areas and yet be deficient in others. This should not discourage us, but rather encourage us because the word overcomer is all-inclusive and gives hope in all areas of life for ultimate and complete victory. It is vastly important to state at this juncture that success in God is gauged by obedience, not success in the world’s eyes. God’s measuring stick will always be obedience, and never sacrifice.
In getting back to the point of this narrative, let us focus on what I feel to be one of the most neglected areas in the Body today – reliable communication between the ‘called out ones’ – the true ecclesia. Proverbs 13:15 in the Living Bible states, “Reliable communication permits progress.” To understand this teaching is to understand this scripture. A key element of Kingdom Life is in understanding of the dynamics that govern that life; and greatest among these elements is communication. This fact points us directly to Romans 8:14, which is the ultimate communication scripture; “Those that are led by the Spirit ARE the sons of God.” In understanding the context of the word “those” we must also assume that there are some “thems.” “Them” aren’t led of God’s spirit. Do they love God? Will they get a heavenly reward? The answer is probably “yes” on both counts, but for whatever reason they are not ‘led’ of God’s Spirit. That subject alone is worth a book, but that is for another time.
Submitted “Sons” communicate with the Father because “His sheep HEAR His voice; the voice of a stranger they will not hear” (John 10:4,5). The word “His” is possessive, which provides us this truth: To the extent we belong to Him, to that same extent will we HEAR Him and not hear the voice of a stranger. A partially surrendered saint will partially hear God and partially hear “the voice of a stranger.” This is a dangerous place because there is no “reliable communication.” It is my humble belief that the word “stranger” in John 10 references one who is not a true Son. How many countless millions today listen to ‘strangers?’
From our station at we hear from many saints across the globe and one of the most common comments is “There must be something wrong with me because I cannot sense any life in my church anymore.” As we go deeper into the ways and life of God, so too does our hunger for truth. This hunger for truth develops a certain intolerance for anything that lacks truth.
An earthly fact remains that Kingdom dynamic number one is God works through people. “Thy Kingdom come thy will be done ON EARTH…” does not mean heaven is coming to earth. It means heaven’s ways are coming to earth through those who hear and obey God (read ‘The Manifestation of The Sons of God,’– ). If one has the slightest inclination of this truth, then conversely he should recognize those through whom some evidence of Kingdom life exists.
Another time revealed foundational error in the Church today is that the fragmented Body often embraces unreliable communication from those full of doctrine, lacking any real testimony. This fact, almost in and of itself, has rendered the Church powerless against the world’s system and the powers of darkness. However, there is emerging remnant leadership, who through true testimony and an ever increasing life of victory, shout to those who have ears to hear; “Victory (in this life) comes because of the blood of Jesus and our willingness to hear and obey.”
Satan’s kingdom thrives on misunderstanding and confusion, which leads to division. God appointed unity is the greatest form of Kingdom strength, and while there is much evidence of a powerless ecclesia, defined as those ‘called out of’ (W.E. Vine, Vol. 1 pg 83), there is new evidence of a ‘coming together’ of the “called out ones” as spiritual maturity and discernment make way for the Prophetic and Apostolic gifts and ministry. These ministries have Kingdom authority to serve the true Body of Christ. This awakening in the remnant is spontaneously producing victorious forerunners whose lives will serve as an example for us all. It is my deepest belief that those who refuse to acknowledge God’s structure/order/government (Isaiah 9:7/Ephesians 2:20) are destined to remain in the rut of sameness, with little to no evidence of God’s favor in their lives. Reliable communication permits progress, and without the acceptance of a functioning apostle or prophet, we will fall woefully short in fulfilling God’s plans for our life. Basic foundational issues of God’s divine order have been entrusted to these two folds of ministry. I would be so bold as to say that any work of God that is not tied to the prophetic or apostolic ministry is, in some way, limited as to its true Kingdom effectiveness.
As an aside but germane to this subject, a true man or woman with Spiritual authority will never seek it for themselves, and yet will not run when responsibility arises. They speak and intervene only when prompted by God to do so. They have learned hard lessons in keeping opinions to themselves, and know the great harm in getting others in agreement apart from hearing God. They have been tested by the fires of affliction through years of difficulty and hardship, but through it all they have emerged with Kingdom authority and Kingdom purpose (Acts 14:22).
A great source of confusion today is rooted in man’s inability to discern these callings; hence stopping a flow of “reliable communication.” This is especially true in arenas of great familiarity (Luke 4:24). As these modern day Apostles and Prophets take up their mantle and gain acceptance in the true ecclesia, a swift and visible unity will cataclysmically join the remnant Body as never before, and the power of God will be unleashed and evidenced in the earth, the likes of which have not been seen since Christ. The brevity in which this will happen is only now being understood by those who have “ears to hear.” The mass exodus from organized religion is now a world-wide phenomenon. Where there were only a few there are now many; and as these numbers continue to grow so too will the true Body of Christ begin to function in the power and purpose of destiny.
In conclusion, God in making us free moral agents gave us the right to ‘choose’ (Deuteronomy 30:19,20). We can choose His Ways and His Order, or cling to our old ways that only produce death. Our life today reflects our decisions past – ouch! Before leaving the subject of ‘choice’ let me conclude in saying “It (choice) is the only thing God will not do for us.” He has provided everything else. The choosing, the decision is up to us. If we don’t use the powerful decision to move in God’s direction (and not our own) we will end up bound and dominated by the circumstances of this world. Open wide the gates that have been closed and the ears that have been shut to receive the ‘reliable communication’ that brings the life of God upon the earth.
Clay Sikes

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