Friday, February 19, 2016

The Prophetic Buffet Table by Christine Beadsworth

Hi Beloved,

It seems I am continually issuing warnings these days, but I am constrained to release what is impressed upon my own heart. I have noticed that daily, there is a veritable smorgasbord of prophetic words, sermons and messages dished up on the internet or in the local Church for the Body of Christ to feast upon. Bowl upon bowl of beautifully arranged salad ingredients tempt the eye and one is free to cut and paste any portion of the spread before one onto your own dinner plate in the comfort of your own home, to satisfy the hunger of your soul for words of confirmation and comfort.

However, the source of the salad ingredients before you is not always apparent. How do we know what 'word' is from the seed of Christ and what fruit or vegetables haven't been genetically modified? Perhaps it's better to steer away from salads and eat meat from the Master's pasture...Of course, part of the problem is that the Body of Christ is dishing up helpings of this feast during the middle of the morning watch, a time Boaz, the Kinsman-Redeemer, described as ‘before one could recognise another’ (Ruth 3:14). It’s easy to choose the wrong food when you can’t see very well what is in the bowl before you. Candle-light is very flattering, both for the aged face and the blemished fruit. So how does one eat safely and determine the source of the voice is whispering in your ear? What is the key to dining at the table of the House of David, where the wholesome meat of Christ is served?

Here is a link to my message on ‘the Prophetic Buffet Table’:

I will send the transcript as soon as it is done.

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