Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Day to Leap by Mary B Dovie

It is a day to leap and be glad
In festive robes, My people are clad
Celebrating My soon appearing
For in intercession, they’ve been persevering
“Why do you celebrate?” the dark ones ask.
“We’ve surely contained you and put you to task.”
But My joy has gotten into their feet
With great expectations, they dance and leap
For their eyes see beyond the gloom
Their ears hear My call, not the voices of doom
The waves of My glory are beginning to break
The pillars of hell are starting to shake
The enemy might roar like a powerful lion
But his doom is assured, he’ll soon be crying
He’s trying with fury to stem My glory tide
But he shall fail and I shall arise
Leap and rejoice while the battle yet rages
It has been prophesied down through the ages
The King is arising, yes, even now
For at His name every knee shall bow

Scriptural References:
Psalms 18:29; 96:6;  Isaiah 35:6; 55:10-11;  Matthew 16:18;  Luke 6:22-23; Acts 3:7-9; 14:9-10;  Romans 5:3-5; 8:25; 14:11;  Ephesians 6:18;  Philippians 2:10;  1 Peter 5:8

Mary B. Dovie
“In God We Trust”

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