Friday, March 4, 2016

March Forward: Get Ready to Advance! by Doug Addison

This year, the month of March is going to be a turning point spiritually. On the last Yom Kippur (September 23, 2015), I heard God say that 24 weeks from that day there would be a big shifting happen. You can read more about it in my 2016 Prophetic Forecast. We are currently in a time of pruning and preparation. 
Why Am I Feeling Discouraged or Attacked?
So often it is common for things to look the opposite from what we thought would happen. We should not expect or make room for this in our lives, insteadwe need to take authority and battle it.
Over the past few weeks, several demons and witchcraft attacks assigned to harass us were revealed. We continue to break these things as they are being exposed.
I have been asked, "How is it possible for people in witchcraft to attack us when we are under the Blood of Jesus?"
This is a great question.
There are a few reasons. I sometimes get attacked even though I battle daily over myself and others.We are in a time that evil is increasing and we as Christians need to be advancing in the anointing to overcome these things.
Most Christians are operating in older ways of doing spiritual warfare that worked 10 years ago, but they need to be updated to survive what is happening right now. When I talk about this with people, most of them argue with me, but I am seeing this firsthand in my life and ministry. (Photo by Jennifer Page "Warrior's Heart" via
Yes, we have the Word of God, the word of our testimony, the Name and the Blood of Jesus. And they are all powerful to destroy the attacks of satan.But if you are seeing a continual attack on your finances, chronic sickness or anything contrary to God's Word, then you need a strategy from Heaven to overcome.
What Are Some New Ways to Battle?
• There is power in agreement. Find someone or even groups to pray (where two or more agree together it shall be done for them.)
• Make declarations. Take God's promises and the Bible and combine them into a powerful tool in prayer.
• Take communion. I take communion every day and pray.
• Position yourself. Try waking up at a different time. Right now I have to go to bed at 8:00 p.m. so that I can get enough sleep to get up at 4:00 a.m. every day because that seems to be the time for me to see and to battle.
How to Prepare for Advancement
First, get familiar with what God spoke to me about the season we are in. This will help you respond and get into sync with Heaven.
I recommend reading this blog post: Strategy for the Next 24 months. This is what God spoke to me on September 23, and it gives lots of prophetic insight into what is happening right now.
Another prophetic blog I would recommend reading is Doorway to Your Advancement, which has details on how to respond. (Photo by Donna Smallenberg"The Song of Deborah" via
We are entering into a season of God fulfilling many prophetic promises. This truly is an exciting time to be alive!
Doug Addison
InLight Connection


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