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The San Diego Firestorm: Ushering in the King by Jerame Nelson

Today I would like to tell you about what has been happening in San Diego, California, over the past few weeks. We have been seeing God move in powerful ways through signs, wonders, miracles, and salvations. We are calling it "The Fire & Glory Outpouring," and the fire and glory of God are evidently present. People have been coming out for over 20 straight nights now, and God has been showing up in the meetings as the King of the Kingdom, releasing His love!
How It Started
This whole move of the Spirit started off as a regular Living At His Feet Ministries / Elijah List co-sponsored conference set for the weekend of January 21st through 24th, but has now gone into extended revival meetings. My wife Miranda and I are here partnering with Joshua and Janet Mills to host the presence of the Holy Spirit in what God is doing. To bring some language to what God is doing here and what He wants to do, I want to share some of the prophetic words and visions God has been giving me, as well as share with you some of the visions and words given by prophets that have prophesied and begun to speak into what God is doing in San Diego.
As we started our regular Decree San Diego prophetic conference with Bobby Conner and Joshua Mills, we began to notice an unusual manifest presence of God invading the meetings. Miracles were happening quite easily and people were really getting touched by God during the worship times. The atmosphere of the meetings was electric, and there was such great hunger in the people attending every single session.(Photo: An electric night at Fire & Glory Outpouring on January 27, 2016, via Jerame Nelson)
At the end of the event that was scheduled for only four days, Joshua Mills approached me and said "Hey, Jerame, what would you think about extending the meetings? If you are willing, I will clear my schedule and stay." When he asked me this, my spirit leaped inside of me and it took only a matter of about 3 seconds to say, "Yes! Let's do it!"
The reason why I was so quick to say "yes" was because just the week before, while at another conference that both my wife and I were speaking at in Pasadena, we received two prophetic words from two different tested prophetic voices about God releasing revival fire in San Diego and on the West Coast.
Dr. James W. Goll prophesied that God the Father was about to release the "West Coast Rumble" and that the Father was going to release revival fire from Tijuana, Mexico, all the way up the coast to Vancouver, Canada. He began to prophesy that God would visit all of the major port cities on the West Coast with revival. (Photo by Geo Swan via Wikimedia Commons)
Then he looked at Miranda and me, stood us up, and said, "The Lord says: 'The Fire of God is going to fall in San Diego first, and when it does, God the Father is going to step His right foot down out of Heaven and put it on the West Coast of America. When He does, it will no longer be called the left coast but the blessed coast.'" Dr. James W. Goll went on to say thatmiracles would be easy and the harvest plentiful.
In response to Joshua asking me if I felt like we should extend the meetings, I immediately said, "Yes, let's do it!" because of this word given by Dr. James W. Goll.
Since we have extended the meetings, we have seen God doing amazing miracles. There have been people flocking to the meetings every night, and God has been doing amazing miracles. Several cases of stage 4 cancer have been healed, glaucoma healed, metal plates and pins that had been surgically inserted into people's bodies have dissolved, deaf ears are hearing, deformities from birth are being healed, and many are getting saved, reconciled to God, and filled with the Holy Ghost. Signs and wonders have manifested, but most importantly, the tangible presence of God is thick in every single meeting.
What we have been doing here in San Diego is making room for God to manifest His Word spoken out of the mouth of His prophets, and He has definitely been doing it.
The Firestorm Ushers in the King of the Kingdom
One of the key revelations that God has been releasing is a revelation of the King of the Kingdom and the Majesty of Christ. On the first nights of the extended meetings, God gave me an open vision and showed me what I believe He is doing in this season both here in San Diego and all around the world. During the first night of extended meetings, during the worship, I saw in the Spirit a huge firestorm coming in the distance. I immediately saw that it looked like spinning winds with fire mingled together with a glory-cloud-type substance that was moving in a high velocity. It was huge and heading straight for us.
As I watched the cloud come down out of Heaven into the meeting, I saw the living creatures of God that surround the throne of God. Then, as I focused my eyes more on the cloud, I noticed Someone seated on a throne. When I saw the One who was sitting on the throne, I noticed His eyes of fire and knew that it was Jesus. (Photo via Pixabay)
As this encounter began to unfold, we were right in the middle of singing songs of worship and praise to the Lord. It felt like Jesus walked right into the meeting. I could see Him clear as day. He was beautiful, and He was dressed in kingly apparel. He had a crown on His head and was radiating beauty. It was highlighted to me in the vision that Jesus was wearing a kingly garment or cloak on His back. The garment was crimson red with a gold train and it was hooked around His neck by a huge diamond.
I watched the King watching and receiving praise from the people. I could see that as we praised Him, there was a sweet smelling aroma that was going from the people to Him, and He was loving it. Right in the height of the worship and praise, I watched Jesus take His kingly garment and throw it on the floor and then disappear; all that was left was His kingly garment on the floor. Then the vision ended.
When the vision ended I knew that this whole thing that was happening in San Diego (and what God wants to release all around the world) was regarding the King of the Kingdom and worship. I also knew in my spirit that revival always comes in the winds. That's why on the day of Pentecost the Believers in the Upper Room heard the sound of a mighty rushing wind and the result was the fire of God falling on every one of them (see Acts 2:1-3).
As I began to pray more, I knew that God is releasing to the Body of Christ what Ezekiel saw in Ezekiel 1:1-10 when he was at the River Chebar. Ezekiel saw a whirlwind of fire coming out of the North. He also saw the living creatures of God and the King of the Kingdom who sits on the Throne. It was just like the vision I had. I believe that God is releasing His fire and glory in this season, as well as a revelation of the Majesty of Christ. I also believe that God is releasing a fresh outpouring of His Spirit in order to release the Body of Christ into another level of Kingdom authority and power.
Worshiping the King is the key to all of this. Here in San Diego we are focusing on the King of the Kingdom, and as we do, notable and remarkable signs and wonders are happening. This ties right into my vision, where at the end of my vision Jesus Christ the King of Glory was watching the worship and then disappeared, leaving His Kingly mantle behind. Jesus wants His Church and the world to begin to see Him as the triumphant King. Jesus Christ is triumphant over sin, death, sickness, disease, depression, poverty, and everything else that the devil tries to raise up against the Body of Christ. (Photo: The fire of God fell on the 17th straight night at the Fire & Glory Outpouring on February 7, 2016, via Jerame Nelson)
I believe it is time for you to embrace and believe God for the firestorm of His throne room to touch your life, family, and ministry. We have canceled our schedules and are camping out in San Diego in order to receive the fullness of what God wants to pour out here regarding His fire and glory. Miranda and I, along with Joshua and Janet Mills, have all cleared our schedules and are hosting firestorm meetings every night in what we call "The Fire & Glory Outpouring."
We are committed to doing nightly meetings at Citadel Church in San Diego at 7:30pm every night through at least February 29th, with great potential to go longer than that even. We are believing that the firestorm of God will spread up and down the West Coast!
People are flying into San Diego from all over the world and from across the United States and Canada with great expectancy for what God is releasing. We have already had people from Fiji, Hungary, England, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and other places coming out to get into the realm of the firestorm. A great number of these people have come in faith for their miracles, and God has been showing up, healing their bodies, touching their hearts, and restoring their families. (Photo: People line up and camp out an hour early to get into The Fire & Glory Outpouring, via Jerame Nelson)
Please pray for God to rock San Diego and the nations of the world. More than that, we invite you to get out here and join us (every night at 7:30pm PST)! For more info and to watch live stream go to:
Jerame Nelson
Living At His Feet Ministries


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