Wednesday, March 2, 2016


sent by Van Mason

“Redding, Redding, Queen city of the north, your age of restoration is upon you. For I will now begin to invade your DNA and I will begin to manifest your story and retell who I have made you to be. You will now arise into your day of shining as I have broken the resistance for you and I have released the angels of transformation in your midst. That which has been brewing in your church settings will now flow into your streets as never before and will invade every sphere of your city.
Redding, Redding, the day of the Lord is upon you- and it is a good day. I am about to change your very DNA in such a wholesale way that it will baffle the minds of even the most hopeful among you. I am coming into your local government and I will turn over every stone. I will make it a place where corruption and self-seeking can not exist. Your city councils will be invaded by my glory and by my fear. A fear of the Lord is coming into your city councils to such a point that lying, cheating and bribing can not even exist. I will displace wolves and I will fill your city councils with My shepherds.
Redding, Redding, I will also now come in and I will heal your economy. I am coming in and I will create jobs- out of thin air. I will do this because I can do this. It is well within my creative abilities. I am also putting my magnet on you as a city and you will begin to attract investment as never before. National money is coming to you. International money is coming to you. Chinese money is coming to you. Japanese money is coming to you. Indian money is coming to you. You are going to become a retirement haven. You’re going to get an upgraded airport. You’re going to get many new flights. An airline will make you a new hub. Industry, technology, arts and entertainment are coming to you and will thrive. Play houses will spring up all over your city. I will erase the memory of your ancient name of Poverty Flats, as I am sentencing you to 30 years of progressive prosperity.
Redding, Redding, you will become a city of red roses and red flowers, a city of beautiful parks. Out of you will come a heavenly oil and a heavenly dew and it will pour down into the rest of the state. I am coming to you with grace and glory and I will shatter your spirit of poverty. I am going to change your story. I am coming in not just to heal you in church, but I will heal your 7 mountains. As a sign to bring you to rejoice, I will begin to cause my rainbows to exponentially increase among you. You will even see rainbows when it seems naturally impossible. When you see my rainbows remember that this is my promise over you that I am coming in to change everything. I am coming to reform everything. I am coming to transform everything. I have heard your prayers, I have seen your tears, I’m responding to your faith- and the time is now.”
Johnny Enlow 

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