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A Clarion Call For The Prophets To The Nations by Dr Theresa Phillips


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Dr Theresa Phillips
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Dr. Theresa Phillips
I waited… to see if I could hear From the Master.
The tragedy in Paris. The Middle East crisis. The Fears mounting in the America.
The world on edge… So I did what I have learned to do… Wait.
Paris Will Dance Again
I saw a picture by the Ballet  a dancer on toe point in front of the Eiffel Tower … And I heard Jesus say That Paris Will dance again.
I was thrilled…So I waited some more.
Then I a few hours I heard these words. It was a booming sound that resonated in my innermost being.
I shall call an assembly of the Prophetic Roundtables of the nations.
They will come and place themselves before me and conclave themselves.
( 1st Kings 22; 6 So the king of Israel brought together the prophets–about four hundred men–and asked them, “Shall I go to war against Ramoth Gilead, or shall I refrain?” “Go,” they answered, “for the Lord will give it into the king’s hand.”)
These prophets will begin to stand and decree some amazing exploits I am about to do. They will be sought out by world leaders to give directions from my throne room. Yes, yes, yes, This will happen.
Then, they will fall back on their faces and cry again “O Lord Hear My Prayer. O Lord Hear Our prayer. O Lord Their Prayer”
As a unified force, they will become mighty BUT many will not see them. Some of these prophets will not be well-known names or big ministries, BUT, they will have the heart of GOD for the nations. Some will be known and have large ministries I am in them both says the Lord.
The realm is getting higher the sound of Prayer is  increasing across the atmosphere reeling through the winds of fire. Fiery arrows in the bow of GOD. Yes, this is the Lords doing..Increasing The Realms Of The Spirt.
Then I had a vision.
I could see: A group of prophets  sequestered behind doors of iron. I cried “No Lord do not let them be imprisoned.” The Lord spoke to me saying these are not prison these are under a shield of armor.
I cried out again “O Lord  but, they will try to kill the prophets.”  Then He spoke to me again. The prophetic voice will never die I will always raise up another They ill come from all over the earth.
But, now I am calling many prophets to come together to seek my face and become a shield around their cities. Their regions and, their nation.
I will place within them a sound of ONENESS they will speak in the clarion call voice I placed in them.
  Clarion call is a strongly expressed demand or request for action.
These are the days of many sorrows  and, I am calling  These are the days of wonder these are the day of fear And I am CALLING!
I am assembling prophetic voices who will convene together to talk together, to vision to hear to BE together. Yes, I am calling them out. Even NOW says the LORD!
Before the year, 2016 begins there will be a call going out and the prophetic realm will increase.
New voices with mature voices will develop New Vision. These will be prophetic voices that have been overshadowed by an uncomfortable season of silence.
 I kept them in silence for such a time as this.
Are you ready? Will you cry here am I Lord Send me ( Isa 6 )
Will you say I will go? Will you desire earnestly to prophesy? ( cor 14: 1)
 Fear Not for I will cause the words that are full of pride to fall to the ground.
I will silence the words of judgement that has not been me. The Prophetic Voice will cause a washing in the word that will reflect the person.
( Exodus 19:10-11The LORD also said to Moses, “Go to the people and consecrate them today and tomorrow, and let them wash their garments)
I will say to the prophets Get UP now… wash your face and hands and Tell my people they can stand and win this battle.
Silence Fear. Impart Wisdom, Discernment and The Power of My Holy Writ.
Prophets Draw together seek one another out.  Prepare the People to stand in these days says the Lord.
Dr. Theresa Phillips
Dr Theresa Phillips is KNOWN as a prophet to many nations. A Pastor and an Itinerate Speaker. And Author of 22 Books.
She has been featured on many prophetic sites.
She is the owner and managing editor of Global Prophetic Voice and the Developer of Royal Scents A Kings Oil.

If you make a leader better than yourself you have done well 

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