Thursday, November 26, 2015


sent by Dee Hoetmer

AgapeLife Ministries [South Africa}

"Your firm placement in Me is being tested, but as you get anchored in Me, in your co-seating with Me in heavenly places, your will be strengthened to not be taken down by the element of surprise. You will be forewarned and forearmed so that you will not swing back and forth like a pendulum from a state of shining My glory to a place of dark light. You will gain victory as your spiritual eyes are opened to see and discern the tactics of the enemy from above; then take the victory in advance in Me, in My Name and by the power of My blood, not loving your lives unto the death thereof. I will be your strength, I will be your victory, sayeth the Lord and that will be your testimony!
As you ask, as you seek My face, as you knock in persistence to receive from Me, it shall be given to you, you shall find My power and empowering with strength and you shall go through the opened door of newness in Me into your promises, for I am the Lord, Your Waymaker.
Be persistent in your pursuit of Me. Do not let up because your promises are delayed. Pursue what I have promised you and you shall have it, says the Lord. I am about to take you into the unthinkable and unimaginable. Be expectant and run with the vision of My Word. You are about to break into the unheard-of-miraculous outpourings of My glory.
Pursue, persist and REJOICE, says the Lord God Almighty!


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