Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I am calling My people to press into me with a deeper desire and a deeper thirst for Me. Yes, to press into Me in Prayer, in Worship and studying My Word. I long for My bride to seek Me and become more intimate with Me. Out of intimacy becomes a birthing and out of a birthing becomes fruit. I desire you to be fruitful in this season. I have great plans and destiny for those who draw close and receive marching orders.

Desire a deeper intimacy with Me, a deeper relationship. Deny all things that are not of Me. For I shall use you as you obey My voice and be channels of My Love to the Nations. I am causing within your spirit a choice of hunger for more of Me and to walk with My boldness and authority. To be fruitful and multiply, to sow seeds of Love. I desire you to be carriers of My Love and obey My commandment and Love one another.

So awake, hearken to My commandments in this season. There are many who need to be loved and discipled. To be trained and grow in maturity in Me. So grab hold of My truths and declare My oracles. Love the unlovely, walk in My love.

Draw close to Me and receive My Love and give it away. Let go of self and be motivated and led by My Spirit. For I am breathing a fresh wind of My Spirit. A deeper intimacy with Me will produce fruitful seeds for My Glory. So this day arise and shine for Me and be carriers of light. Allow My Love to fill you overflowing. As you are filled with My Spirit and Love there is no room for flesh and self. You shall be carriers of My nature, burning with a deep desire for more of Me! To be fruitful for Me.

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