Tuesday, November 17, 2015


“Suddenly, He transported me into His house of wine – He looked upon me with His unrelenting love divine. Refresh me again with Your sweet promises. Help me and hold me, for I am lovesick! I am longing for more – Yet how could I take more? His left hand cradles my head while His right hand holds me close. I am at rest in this love.” (Song of Songs 2:4-6 – The Passion Translation)
As the context of this chapter is ‘engagement’, I felt the Lord releasing an invitation to us to return to our first love and come deeper in our marriage of intimacy to Him than we have been before. As I pondered this, I was suddenly taken into an encounter with Him.
I saw many of the people of God on their knees and they were crying out for deeper encounters with His heart. Circumstances and the pressing they had been facing had brought them to a place of brokenness, a place of deep stripping away, where they were positioned with ONE heart cry alone.. “ALL I WANT IS YOU”.
As these ones were on their knees and they were crying out I saw them suddenly transported into what looked like a wine cellar and there He was, beautiful Jesus, standing waiting, inviting them in. As they stepped into this cellar, they held the Lord’s hand and moved through a small door, and they had to crouch down to move through this door. As they moved through the door, they entered into a bridal chamber. In this bridal chamber I saw a canopy of Glory. A canopy of His Glory that covered the entire room. It was white, yet as it blew in the wind of His Spirit I saw the gold light of the Lord’s glory almost hemmed in the embroidery.
I felt the Lord then say “This is a canopy of intimacy. As My people come deeper in intimacy with Me, they see My Glory.” 
DEFINITION OF CANOPY: an ornamental cloth covering hung or held up over something, especially a throne or bed. (google.com)
Under this canopy of intimacy, the people of God are moving into a place of unprecedented encounter with His heart and His authority and sovereignty. From the place of deep intimacy, the people of God are going to see Him closer than their breath, while also seeing Him in His splendour on the throne.
The people of God are moving deeper into seeing Him as FRIEND AND KING!!!! Revelations of Him being closer their closest friend and Sovereign King are about to marry at a deeper level than they have before.
I was then taken back into this vision and I saw the people of God being refreshed by the glorious wine of His presence. There is a sudden refreshing, refuelling and strengthening happening for many as they are connecting with His heart like they have not before. They are being SUDDENLY revived.
The Lord has not forgotten the cries of His people for more of Him. This sudden transportation is going to take His people into new realms of lovesick intimacy and revelation of His love that they have not known before. The aches for more of Him and His presence is awakening you to your Beloved.
Brian and Candice Simmons share in their book “The Sacred Journey”:
“What exactly are these spiritual hunger pains that we feel as we ache for more of Him? What causes this lovesickness to be awakened in our hearts? It comes from an awakened hunger that Jesus doesn’t immediately satisfy. We get stirred to reach out for Him and possess Him in fullness, but the fullness has yet to be released to answer the groan within. This hunger pain forces us into deeper pursuit of His presence, of Him. This desperate agonizing yearning is how God enlarges our hearts to receive yet more of Him.”
Don’t despise your hunger pains. Don’t despise the ache and the growing. He is enlarging your heart to receive more of Him. Sudden heavenly transportations are taking place into the chamber of intimacy with Him, where you will behold Him like you haven’t before as FRIEND and as KING. You are birthing THE MORE.
I saw Jesus lean over and He intently gazed into the eyes of His people and He began again to speak His promises over His people. As He spoke His promises over them, refreshment and revival was taking place. You don’t know the depth of what you are about to step into, because you haven’t been there before. You are reaching into new levels with Him. Anxiety’s, fears, doubts and hopelessness are being put to rest in His love. (2:6)

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