Thursday, November 26, 2015


Hi Friends, I had an open vision in my quiet time recently where I was taken to heaven and shown a mansion that was being prepared for a saint - a leader that was walking in Purity. As we walk in purity of heart before the Lord, may we see God. (Matthew 5:8)
Heavenly Encounters await,
Blessings, Lana
This is Purity's story. I want you to meet Purity. Purity is a lover of Jesus. Purity is one continues to seek hard after His heart. Purity is one who stands on the front line and is partnering with Him in what He is doing on the earth. Purity has suffered much, endured much, walked deep valleys with Him while the storms raged, and one who has danced and cried with joy on the mountaintops.
Purity is one who knows the secret place well and greatest desire is to know Him. Purity in this season has felt the sudden onslaught of the fiery darts and weary from the battle, that began to feel the `tug' to withdraw and find the cave to hide in away from the eyeballing stare of the enemy.
Purity had misplaced boldness and forgotten the authority that was theirs because of the weariness that had become so heavy from the battle and the wounds from the darts throbbed with an ache Purity had not known before.
In Purity's place of despair, the place of almost giving up, Purity began to feel His wooing of love.."Come away with Me. I want to show you something.."
Purity had hardly any strength to press forward anymore, or go deeper, the best Purity could do was stay collapsed at the feet of the One who held her heart in His hands. Suddenly, He, beautiful Jesus reached down and lifted her high off the ground through a portal and entered into a whole new dimension.
Purity found herself standing before a MANSION and she knew she was in heaven. She looked to her left and she saw Jesus standing beside her. She was standing there with Him, in AWE of this MANSION.
It had all the colours of the rainbow all over it, sparkling with swirls like glitter. It was like the house was alive and breathing. This house was FULL of life. Jesus grabbed her hand and He smiled at her and He said:
"I have brought you here to show you a representation of the impact you are having on earth in Me. Do not ever doubt the impact you are having and the treasures in heaven that are being stored up for you. This is just the beginning of what is stored up for you. Come let me show you something."
He then walked with Purity hand in hand up to this mansion and he opened the white picket fence and as they stepped onto the footpath, they heard this roar of applause. All around the house, around the picket fence were all these people who were shining brighter than anything Purity had ever seen.
They were the great cloud of witnesses and they were applauding loudly.
Purity walked hand in hand with Jesus into this mansion, yet she couldn't see much inside except polished floorboards, and she instantly had the sense that she couldn't see anymore in this house because her mission on this earth still had a long way to go and was nowhere near finished yet, but a stirring began to fill her heart that it was going to get a lot FULLER from this point.
Purity felt His strong yet gentle hand motion her to the right, and Jesus spoke: "After the many assaults that you have faced this has now been opened up to you" and there was a HUGE door before her that was covered in jewels.
He opened it, and inside there was a river flowing, but this river had HUGE waves and it was flowing all through the room. It was so beautiful, she was completely immersed in these waves.
The Lord led Purity into the middle of this room filled with the rainbow waves and He began to laugh and laugh and laugh, such joy. Purity began to cry and cry and cry as the grief and pain in her heart began to pour out, she knew instantly that He was restoring her heart.
As the grief and pain came out it was swallowed up by these beautiful rainbow waves and in the place where this pain and grief was her heart was being filled with this rainbow coloured water.
INSTANTLY she knew that HE WAS CHANGING THE ATMOSPHERE IN her promises, IN her destiny. He was turning the pain and the grief into JOY. His laugh had two different sounds. It was a laugh of pure joy, but also a laugh at the enemy.
As he laughed at the enemy, it carried SUCH authority. As each laugh left His mouth, it was as if His laugh were messages, carrying sentences of authority towards the enemy.
The first time He laughed at the enemy, the words boomed: "You think you hit Purity hard, your attempts are petty. You just wait and see what I am going to do to you through her. I am LAUGHING at your attempts. You just watch and see what I am about to do in and through her. Thank you for positioning Purity for greater promotion."
Once the pain had left her heart, she began to laugh and laugh with Him, their heads flung back in laughter. He then looked into the middle of this room of rainbow waves, and reached in deeper than Purity could see and He pulled out four flags, and He said to her "These are to take back with you."
The first flag was purple and written on it in HUGE letters was the words "FAVOUR AND PROMOTION". The Lord then began to explain to her that new doors and floors of favour and promotion are opening up to her.
The second flag was orange and it said "HONOUR". The Lord went onto say that there was going to be greater visible manifestations of the His honour and vindication over her life that would bring great change and transition in the body of Christ as she ministered to restore honour in the Bride.
The third flag was green and it said "FINANCES". The Lord spoke.. "Where the enemy has stolen and broken in the area of finances I am going to bring huge breakthrough and provision leading to HUGE testimony. The Lord was breaking a lot of financial burden the enemy had brought upon her.
The fourth flag was blue yet in the light it was all the colours of the rainbow and it said "DOUBLE PORTION OF REVELATION AND ACCURACY". The Lord explained that Purity was being positioned for greater clarity the moment the enemy decided to go "head to head" with her.
The Lord then turns to Purity and with a smile on His face He says "Purity, it's time to go." They walk back out of this room, out of the house, down the front steps of the porch, down the path and the crowd is still outside clapping and cheering and they are saying "You are doing SO well, it ONLY GETS BETTER FROM HERE."
They were SO excited and shouted "You just WAIT AND SEE what happens from here. YAY!!!! YAY!! YAY!!!!"
As the Lord led Purity back to portal to leave this heavenly encounter, a handful of angelic hosts crossed her path.
They spoke to her with tear filled eyes and said "It is SUCH AN HONOUR to be assigned to you and work with you in partnership with Him. They handed Purity a little wooden box and as she opened the box there were two keys.
The first key said "access to angelic encounters" - The Lord was moving Purity into a season of greater encounters with the angelic hosts of heaven.
The second key said "access to this place". An invitation was being released to Purity to come back in and out of this mansion when she needed to.
The angelic hosts spoke "This is YOUR special place".
Purity then moved through the portal and exited the heavenly encounter, but Purity was healed, restored, refreshed and positioned for greater breakthrough than she had ever known. All the darts the enemy had thrown at her to stop her from moving forward, actually positioned her for greater promotion in Him. Not only was there restoration but she had moved into a realm that was completely NEW.

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