Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Brilliant Radiance by Sharon Luzzi

My children, I am so very much in Love with you. I have you located in the depth of my heart where no one can hurt you, no one can find you. I have you surrounded by my Love for you, tightly held close to me in my heart.
I Love you beyond measure… I Love you with an outstretched arm and an everlasting Love. My Love for you is wide and deep, long, ongoing, unending.

My Bride..I am soo madly in Love with you! SO taken by your beauty.
My Bride, I see every facet of you maturing and becoming that perfectly polished diadem. 
My Love for You runs deep, deeper than any ocean larger than any universe.
I carry a Love for you that burns from deep within my heart. An all consuming Love that can not ever be extinguished. Nothing can get in-between us or separate us.
No sin
No self condemnation
No misunderstanding
No mishap
No traumatic circumstance
Not the loss of a home
Not a debt to pay
Not a divorce
Not a death in a Family
Not  an illness
Not a car accident
Not a secret
Not a shameful act
Not a bitter heart
Not a shattered heart
Not a lonely heart
Not abandonment by Family members
Not a betrayal by a friend
Not the loss of a song
Not the loss of a song in your heart
Not the loss of an opportunity
Not the death of a spouse
Not the death of a marriage
Not the death of a friendship
Not any disappointment
My Love reaches  far beyond the limitations any one person has.

I will never let you out of the palm of my hand or my watchful eye.
I will always care for you.
My heart swells when you call on my name.
I long to Love you.
My consuming Love for you is never ending and never goes out or goes away.
I know every hair on your head and every step you will take. 
I am only a breath away when you call out my name.
It is my never ending joy to help you and have communion with you.
For my joy is your strength.
I laugh at your enemies and  hold all things in my hand.
My Love penetrates all things, even the things you can’t see or even fathom.
I gaze tenderly into your heart and all that affects it.
Receive my Love for healing, restoration, reconciliation and redemption.
For what I have to give , no man can give you.
Receive today all that I have for you.
I am your God.
A God who adds and doesn’t take away.
I am the one who Loves you.

Love you,

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