Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It Isn’t About you, It’s About ME given through Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

My Daughter, My Daughter, I take great joy in bringing forth into My Kingdom, a newness, freshness, and holiness unlike what you or any other has experienced before.  I say unto you, it is being birthed even now in My people on the earth and in fellowships across the world.  There are many who have said, when will the final revival come?  When will the Heavens come down to touch the earth? 
I say to you, even now it is beginning, it is happening in areas unexpected by man.  It is happening among those who worship Me.  It is among those who have embraced My holiness, My Word, My Humility, and Me, as a way of life.  It is here for the taking.  I am pouring it out over My people. Only ask and you will receive.  For I am a God of great grace and mercy for My people.  I am One who loves My people above all else.  I am One whose love is unfaltering, and unconditional.  There is no other like Me. 
Do you love Me the same, as I love you?  Are you ready to count the cost for Me, as I did for you, when I gave My Son to die on the cross for your sins?  Are you willing to do what needs to be done, to become all that I call you to be?
Are you ready for the end times, for what is coming?  Even as many proclaim of the bad that is here and coming, I say that even where and when it comes, so will I come in power and authority in those who worship Me, and serve Me.  There will be much poured out over My people, if you are willing to come to Me, to serve Me, to want Me above all else.  Remember, I love you, like no other.
It isn’t about what you have done, in the past, that makes you feel unworthy of My love.  It isn’t about telling everyone who you are, or that you can do this or that, or that you have done great things.  It isn’t about being “SOMEBODY IN THE WORLD”, it is about Me.  It is about giving yourself to Me in every way, it is about counting the cost, it is about serving Me, and not yourself and your wants / desires.  It is about My Wants and My Desires.  It is about My Heart, and that your heart becomes as Mine.  It is about giving in to Me, instead of yourself, or your loved ones, or your friends, your job, or the pressures or stresses of life.  It is all about Me.
So have you given yourself to Me, totally and completely, without reservation, or buts, or maybes, or anything else between us?  Have you let go of you, so you can hang onto Me? 
I am selfish in that respect; I want all of you, not just bits and pieces, when you feel like it.  I want all of you, so that you can fulfill what I have for you.  I know your thoughts and dreams for yourself and those you love. 
Do you know My thoughts and dreams for you?  Are you aware how special you are to Me?  Do you know the place you have in My heart?  Do you know how you have touched My Heart, in so many ways, both good and bad?  I have seen everything you have been through.  I have cried for you and cheered you on.  I know the lessons you have learned, and those you have yet to learn, both new and those that need to be repeated, because you didn’t learn them the last time.  I know your heart, both the good and the bad.  Yes, everyone has bad places in their hearts, despite what they seem to be on the outside, it isn’t always what it seems.  Trust not your own heart, trust Mine.  I am the one with the pure heart, not you. 
Why do you think My Beloved, David said, “Create in me a clean heart, O God.  Renew a loyal spirit within me.  Do no banish me from your presence, and don’t take your Holy Spirit from me.  Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you.  Then I will teach your ways to rebels, and they will return to you.”  Ps 51: 10- 13.  
David was after My Own Heart, yet he too, had times when he fell down, or departed from My Ways.  Everyone does, that is why I sent My Son, to save all of you from your sins.  I love you, more than Me.  Can you say that about yourself?  Do you love Me, more than you? 
Know the days ahead will not be easy, yet if you are in My arms, you will have nothing to fear.  The only way you can get there, is to crawl up into My lap and spend time with Me.  Spend time in My Word, so that you can learn it forwards and backwards.  Spend time worshiping Me, so that we can go places together as One.  Be obedient to whatever I ask you to do.  Do not think that what I ask you to do will always make sense to you, for My plans often do not make sense to the mind of man or the enemy.  But they make perfect sense to Me.  It is because My plans do not make sense to man or to the enemy that I am able to overcome the enemy’s plans and purposes for many, through your obedience to Me.  Remember Abraham having to sacrifice Isaac (Hebrews 11:17), or David defeating Goliath with a stone (1 Samuel 17), or Gideon and the 300 (Judges 7:7- 8:4)?  How about the feeding of the loaves and fishes (Matthew 14: 17 – 15:36 or Mark 6:38 – 41 or Luke 9:13 – 16 or John 6:9 – 11), or putting a man down through the roof to be healed (Mark 2:1-5)? 
You think those things only happened in the Bible and not in today’s world?  Then I would say that you don’t know Me.  For there are many today who I have worked miracles in and through that now live, because I have raised them from the dead all over the world, including the U.S.  There are those I have healed of diseases and created limbs (arms/legs/fingers/toes), eyes, ears, and more all over the world, including the U.S.  You only have to seek Me more to know that this is true.  I have a parts room in Heaven, that stores those parts that will be used in the days ahead to restore and heal My people.  I can do all things, through grace and mercy for My people.  Only believe and it can be so for you as well as others.  Know I AM who I AM, there is no other like Me.
Know I love each of you, My Beloveds, but it is all about Me.  It is only as you seek Me more, to become One in Me, that you will truly reach what I am calling you to in your life.  Are you willing to spend more time with Me, to search My Word, to worship Me, and Me alone?


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