I saw many feeling like they have taken a step forward to only feel like they have been dragged a few steps back. For some there has been significant breakthrough, but then things have begun to arise screaming that the breakthrough really did not happen. For others, they have continued to believe, move in faith, step out in faith, to only feel like things are worse off than they were before they stepped out.
I felt an urgency in my spirit this morning that now is not the time to “back away” but not is the time to allow the Lord to arise the “warrior” within you. Now is the time to fight! The Lord is actually strengthening you, training you and extending you to go further forward. To run at the giants that are screaming at you and see them knocked over.
I saw “LYING SYMPTOMS” arising all across the body of Christ. A lying spirit, bringing lying symptoms in circumstances and different areas attempting to lure the people of God into alignment with the false belief that the breakthrough they had, actually did not happen. I saw the enemy sidling up alongside the people of God with whispers “Did God really say…??? God didn’t really say that…? Look what’s happening around you…??? You got it all wrong…!!! You have MISSED your breakthrough…” The enemy is trying to take back ground he has already lost, don’t give it back to him through your alignment and declaration.
It is CRUCIAL what you align yourself with, what belief your heart aligns with and what your heart declares. You are not only moving through the tipping point of breakthrough, but you are moving forward into the release of the “BACKLOG”. A “smokescreen” of fear and lies has been placed before many of the people of God to stop them in their tracks and cloud their vision.. BUT GOD!!!! BUT GOD!!!! Keep moving through the haze by faith because you will see the cloud of His Glory leading you as He did the Israelites. Such incredible encounters with His Glory are on the otherside of the smokescreen as you push through it. Such real, life-changing, transforming encounters with His Glory, burning-bush type encounters, where the Lord reveals Himself DEFYING THE NATURAL are before the people of God. Don’t let the smokescreen keep you where you are, life-changing encounters with His Glory are awaiting you on the otherside.
For every trouble, pain and area the enemy has stolen, for every hardship you have endured and sowed in faith, the Lord has sowed in TENFOLD INCREASE into the soils of heaven to germinate, to grow and increase and NOW the reaping time has come.
Areas where the enemy placed “logs” to “trip” the people of God up, areas where he placed “logs” to cause a “log jam” to stop the flow of what God wanted to release to you, has only positioned you for MORE.
I saw the Lord laughing and looking down on these “log jams” the enemy has set up everywhere to hinder breakthrough, and there had been a time where the Lord has allowed it, to strengthen His people in their faith and trust in Him despite how circumstances look. Teaching His people about Him being their anchor and rock upon which to stand. Now a shift has come. The Lord leaned down and with a little blow, He not only blew the “log jams” out of the way, but they were completely annihilated. The banks had broken and the FLOW of breakthrough and BACKLOG coming towards the people of God was TENFOLD.
Everything the enemy had attempted to use to stop the people of God had been completely broken down, and the river of breakthrough carrying provision, increase, revelation, wisdom, discernment, healing, freedom, favour, new networking connections, keys for cities were all being released with such acceleration, THE KINGDOM OF GOD was being BUILT rapidly. Impartations of faith, gifts of faith all across the body of Christ were being released in this “backlog” from the heart of God, moving many of the people of God into higher more RADICAL LEVELS of faith, believing and standing for more, to see their hunger draw heaven to earth.
The birthing of the backlog is happening right now. Do NOT look at the lying symptoms of previous circumstances. Many of you SAW the breakthrough, HELD the breakthrough, TASTED the breakthrough, KEEP STANDING ON THAT.. don’t let the enemy steal it through your alignment. Dive deep into the secret place and let the Lord show you what’s going on.
Give your YES to Jesus in your alignment, not to the enemy. Do NOT look at the smokescreen. LOOK at Jesus! SHOUT and DECLARE His truth, His Word and know as you stay surrendered, you are moving forward. You are not going backwards. You are moving forward into the SUDDEN SHIFT AND RELEASE of BACKLOG!!!