Tuesday, September 1, 2015

EXAMINE YOUR HEARTS by Yolanda Ballard

Word submitted for your discernment

Examine your heart, My people, to see if there be any wicked way in the way you think or act towards anyone and especially the way you think towards my will and my ways.  For this is the end of all times and the enemy is going about like a lion ready to rob anything in his way.  He comes to steal, kill and destroy and he will not stop at anything if he has an open door, a legal right to enter.  Be sure that he will not stop at your finances, your health, your family, your church, your city and even your whole nation if you allow it.  And you have allowed it that is why your nation is in the state that it is in.  

Through slumber and complacency and buying the lies of the evil one you have given the enemy an open entry to steal, kill, and destroy, but yes, I have come to bring life and it abundantly!  If you repent of your wicked ways and seek My face like never before, I will restore My will to your life.  I will restore all that the evil one has stole from your family, your health, and finances.  I will restore household salvation, your loved ones will return to me.  I will restore your health.  Your mind will once again think the way I would have you to think for you do have a sound mind, not full of fear, doubt, worry and unbelief.  

If you cry out to Me, I will give you my presence and my power will flow through you to tear down the strongholds of the enemy.  For who is in charge over all things?  Who is the sovereign ruler of all things?  Yes, I AM!  I am the captain of the hosts of heaven.  I am the one who rules and reigns over all things and yes, My kingdom will come.  My will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  And I will rule through a faithful remnant those who have given their life to serve Me. those who will not back down for anything.

They will press through and decree My will and command the enemy to depart.  They will pull down the strongholds over this nation.  Yes, America you will stand for I built your foundation upon solid ground.  You served me at the start and you will serve me once again.  The remnant will rise up a strong and mighty army.  There is no way that the enemy can completely take over anything without My allowing it.  He is only a tool in My hand to bring about his own destruction. His kingdom is coming down!  He will do it himself.  For I will pour out confusion upon his camp and multitudes will come under their own sword of destruction.  

Yes, they will turn on each other with the hatred in their hearts and I will deliver out of them a remnant that will love Me and serve Me with all their heart.  They will overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony and they will not love their life even unto death.  So I want you to rise up this day and examine your heart to see if you are worthy to be called forth as one of my end time army, my remnant, and my bride!  For it is all up to you to make the choice.  Many are called but only a few are chosen to go forth and share in with My victory, says your Lord.

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